The Electrical Experimenter on the Internet Archive

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electricalexperimenterv7Are you hankering for some easily digestible, perhaps incorrect and outdated, home science and hopelessly optimistic paleo futurism?  Then the Internet Archive’s collection of the Electrical Experimenter is for you.  Read articles from the likes of Nikola Tesla, Hugo Gernsback, and Frederick Finch Strong.

What, you say you’ve never heard of paleo futurism before?  You’ve never toured through the worlds we were supposed to have if the idealistic scientists of yesterday had their way?  Then I also recommend Paleo Future, where you will find countless examples of how clean, peaceful and advanced we should be living today if all predictions had come true.

The ugliest spot in the house

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Every house has them: those rooms that need sprucing, the hole that needs patching.  Well, after we finally painted the pokey hallway, my kitchen became the ugliest spot in the house.  It’s visible from so many places in the house, it’s just too hard to ignore.

And it’s not that it was that horrible.  The no frills black cabinets and grey laminate counter tops are actually in really really good shape and better quality than I had in my last few apartments.  It took some time for me to warm up to it, but I no longer want to just rip everything out. I can deal with the counter being unlevel.

What was bad about it:  paint splatters around the sink and the melted butter yellow paint splotches on the blue-grey walls, holes in the drywall from an open shelf pantry we removed on the opposite wall, and a lot of dirty.  The paint splatters and most of the dirty just took a lot of cleaning, but the dirt smudges just wouldn’t budge off the mat finish blue grey paint.  I didn’t like the color anyway.

IMAG0146We also wanted to inject some midcentury style back into the 90s remodel.  In my dreams, this involves minty appliances, bold colors, and restoring the partial wall that was removed to make it ‘open concept.’  In my reality, we picked some retro feeling pattern for the backsplash ala kurtcyr’s pollen-euphorbia pattern on wallpaper at  Updating the cabinet pulls with sleeker, super simple options made a huge difference, and we painted.

The result is extreme.  The semi gloss we picked makes the room glow, though the effect is hard to capture on camera with all the windows throwing off the exposure.


just waiting for a dinette set.

Eventually, we will build a kind of partition to shield the living room from the stove top, instead of allowing it to throw grease and vapors willy nilly onto upholstered furniture from it’s place in the middle of the peninsula.  I know this placement isn’t so clear in these pictures; I am dribbling out my before and after snaps so you only see how awesome it all is.  More will come later.

Set Your Thoughts Free – Hemingwrite

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My house needs one of these; my husband and I would be fighting over it all the time.  The Hemingwrite allows you to type, with the tactile pleasure of a real typewriter keyboard, offline while still providing the ability to sync what you’ve written with your cloudy documents.   It is projected to have a six week battery life and 1 million page, plus, memory, so get one when they are get-able, pack your gear and go camp writing; I’ll join you.   Set Your Thoughts Free – Hemingwrite.

What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books? | Compound Interest

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What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books? | Compound Interest is a concise info graphic about the volatile organic compounds that make old and new books smell the way they do.

I still think this is an unexplored marketing angle, especially in a world where print book publishers are terrified that print book consumption is on the decrease.  The food and make-up industries, among others, already use scent to make their products more appealing.  Why not engineer books, through specialized paper and ink, with specific smells designed to attract buyers?


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We’ve moved the pineapple.  Initially I was worried about moving the plants when they were so large, but they needed sun that they weren’t getting in their original location:  against the North side of the house.  Without sun, they will never bloom; I found this out while trying to figure out what the plants were.  I also found out that though it is really easy to grow pineapple from the top of any pineapple you buy in the store, it takes the plants two to three years before they flower and fruit.  That’s a crazy investment for one primary and two secondary fruit crops before the plant is kaput.

It feels really great to look out on those derelict veggie beds and see something growing that I meant to put there, even if the pineapple plants came with the house.