Happy Birthday Brad

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BradAndMike2Totally not Brad’s birthday, but when it was his birthday Richard (of doomedmoviethon) said, “you should draw a picture of Brad with Michael Myers.”  So I did.

And then it sat around in my sketchbook until I filled the rest of the pages up and scanned it.

And then I gave it a little background.

Then I posted it on this here blog on a day that is totally not Brad’s birthday.

Happy birthday Brad!

The plan

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1211planMy last mention of the Internet Archive’s Building Technology Heritage Library collection didn’t highlight my obsession with house/floor plans, and I though you should know.  I have a whole notebook full of houses that I have dreamed up over the years and before any move, I would obtain the floor-plan of the apartment so I could plan the furnishings.

Lucky then that the Building Technology Heritage Library collection included home plan catalogs for prospective 40s and 50s home owners to dream and plan, right?  Or, no.  I was really hoping that I would stumble upon the original plan for our house, but I have not, yet.  That’s the house as it is above.  There are a few thick walls round the outside, making up planters and defining the patio space.

With what I have seen of common house plans and houses in the area, combined with examination of walls and doorways, I think the house was originally laid out like this:


The ‘dining room’ was a 60s addition that used the existing roof over the breezeway and added a doorway from it to the utility room hallway.  A bathroom/bedroom area was made out of, what I think would have been, a workroom beside the utility room.  Finally, perhaps in a 90s kitchen remodel, the wall separating the kitchen and living room was opened up and replaced with a counter peninsula.  Even with two remodels, the house footprint hasn’t been changed from it’s original 1949 slab and footings.

I can find some plans with an original bedroom layout like mine, and some with a breezeway to utility/workroom area like mine, but none with all of it combined in one plan.  It could just mean that my house wasn’t bought out of a catalog, and that’s just fine too.  I just wish one day I will stumble onto some blueprints shoved in a rafter or something!


Oh hey, site updates

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I almost forgot, a couple of weeks ago I gave theLeEMSmachine a bit of a facelift.  A new, click-able, front page directs to some new landing pages for my biggest projects of the moment.  Levi Levi and No Evil both have character galleries that I will continue to fill out.


Clement Skitt’s word of the day

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“I wanted to have a butcher’s so I took a Dublin packet and slapdash, a bracket-faced seven sided animal gave me a dub o’ th’ hick.”

Let’s dissect:

butchers:  Cockney slang meaning look.  Cockney slang, or rhyming slang, was most prevalent in the East End of London.  It consists of replacing a word with the beginning portion of a rhyming phrase.  For example:  substituting ‘look’ with ‘butcher’s hook’ but dropping the ‘hook.’  It may have risen to wide use as a way to keep outsiders from a close community (Wikipedia).

Dublin packet:  turn a corner; to ‘take the dublin packet” viz run around the corner – probably a pun on doubling a corner (A dictionary of modern slang, cant, and vulgar words by John Camden Hotten)

Slapdash:  Immediately, instantly, suddenly. (1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose)

Bracket-faced:  Ugly, hard-featured (1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose)

Seven sided animal:  you know this one ;)

dub o’th’hick:  A lick on the head (1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose)

So, to sum up “I wanted to have a butcher’s so I took a Dublin packet and slapdash, a bracket-faced seven sided animal gave me a dub o’ th’ hick”  means “I wanted to take a look so I turned a corner and suddenly an ugly one eyed man gave me a lick on the head.”

I am loving the UK 1940s Radio Station

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Nostalgia has a strange way of making everything look prettier.  For instance the music played on the UK 1940s Radio Station music and vintage radio shows from the 1920s 1930s 1940s seems to me to be more good than bad.  However, the music played on current pop rock stations seems to me to be more bad than good.  I wonder if, 50 years and four generations from now, the music of today will also have the same type of soothing, safe, perfect in the background appeal to future listeners.

stuck in my head

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do you know the muffin man
the muffin man
the muffin man
do you know the muffin man
who lives on Drury lane?



hey, Wikipedia/Project Gutenberg has an illustration of said muffin man.

matryoshka plan

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I have a blank wooden matryshka in my craft cupboard.  This is the plan I came up with long ago…doodles405


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Clement Skitt’s word of the day

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ClementSkitt010 Introducing Clement Skitt’s word of the day.  You may recognize Clement from Levi Levi and the Time Machine.  He and his sister have since peeped into many different times and Clement has developed a healthy fascination with outdated slang.  Today’s slang:

SEVEN-SIDED ANIMAL: a one-eyed man or woman, described as such because each  has a right side and a left side, a fore side and a back side, an outside, an inside, and a blind side.

Random character coloring

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Dictionary tidbits

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There’s something about Clement Skitt that you probably don’t know because he hasn’t shown evidence of it yet: he is obsessed with slang.  And, since he time travels wherever he wants, he’s picked up some pretty obscure and outdated vocabulary.  Writing a character like this means I’ve returned to one of my favorite childhood pastimes of reading dictionaries.  It’s amazing to find slang from the 1800s that is common usage today and also to see how it evolves over time.  For instance, in 1811 England ‘games’ were “thin, ill-shaped legs:  a corruption of the French word jambes”  (Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue) by the 1920’s, ‘gams’ were simply ‘women’s legs.’

Another thing you might get from reading the dictionary is historical tidbits.  Like this from  the 1891 American Slang Dictionary by James Maitland:


Silly me, I knew the Mormons had faced opposition in a few of the states they attempted to set up shop, but I didn’t know about the killing.  In addition to above, the Danites, were not approved of by Joseph Smith, Mormon founder, but may have evolved from the militia he created known as the “Armies of Israel.”  They were most active during the Missouri Mormon War of 1838.  Seems they had a war in just about every state they tried to settle:  See the Utah War and the ‘lesser known’ Illinois Mormon War.  Though the Danites are thought to have ended after the Missouri Mormon War.


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Time Traveling

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I am getting into the frame to finally give my time travelers, Clement and Rosalie Skitt, their own comic.  And then I saw, in my RSS feed, a picture from the amazingly inventive and fantastic Miguel Marquez’s Outside.

Miguel Marquez

What could I do but scour the internet for more evidence of time traveling.  My first stop, was my favorite convenience store, the Echo Park Travel Mart.  After which I spent some time reading up on all the Evidence that Time Travel Is Happening All Around You (on i09). Which led me to The Mystery of John Titor-the realest time traveler the web has known yet.  Go and read, ’cause it’s fascinating!

Sock Dreams

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Years ago, when I wore clogs and Birkenstocks under my slightly too long jeans, I loved socks.  I had them all, fuzzy, toe-socks, rainbow, argyle and chunky knits.  Then I changed my whole style; started wearing skirts instead of pants, and suddenly, my sock collection didn’t quite work.  I needed knee socks, or over the knee socks, or tights or fancy secret lingerie for my feet.  And I wasn’t going to find them.

I got lucky a couple of times in the sock section of mainstream retail stores, but soon, I couldn’t find anything that would cover my fat calves.  Partly because I’m a big girl and partly because I really enjoyed the calf rosie machine at my highschool, my calves are about 18.5 inches round the middle.  No store around here was going to help me rekindle my sock love and buying online was too risky, what with not being able to do any type of stretch test.  Enter Sock Dreams – Unique Comfy Colorful Sexy Socks.

I found Sock Dreams while searching for tights.  I figured there had to be a pair of tights out there that were more like footed leggings than sausage casings.  I mean, that’s what hosiery feels like to me when hopping into it in the morning:  sausage casings.  My search lead me to Sock Dreams where I not only found the closest thing to footed leggings I could imagine (Signature Cotton Tights by Foot Traffic), but also knee highs and over the knees that could accommodate my fat calves.

But selection isn’t what makes Sock Dreams so amazing.  Almost every pair of socks, stockings and tights on Sock Dreams has a descriptive blurb about how well the socks fit on a variety of models, how much they stretch and whether they stay up or no.  Sock Dreams  does the stretch test for you!  My first shopping trip was like wandering through wonderland, and my first delivery was fast, fitting, and perfect.  If you love socks, if you’ve never found the right sock, if you are skinny or curvy, Sock Dreams will have something you will love.  That is all.


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owlelderOne early morning, after it had been raining quite a bit, we drove by a puddle and two stocky little birds flew out of it.  It happened so fast, but I was sure they were owls.

Months later, early in the morning, we were stopped by a dopy looking little Eastern Screech Owl, sitting motionless on the road and blinking blearily at the headlights.  He flew away eventually.

I know there are owls in Florida; I’ve listened to them at night.  But they are an unseen thing.  This is not the case in my new neighborhood.

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