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Alien plant

Alien plant published on 2 Comments on Alien plant

A little over a year ago I found this plant on my porch. I thought my Mom had put it there, and I thought the little seedling was sprouting from the lychee nuts that we saved from a snack. As it grew, I figured better.

Lychee trees don’t sprout tendrils of roots from their dropped leaves; my plant does.


It got taller and taller, though is so spindly, that I have to tie it to keep it upright. And then it sprouted bunches after bunches of these pod thingys. When the sun hits them you can see shadowy figures inside.


And now they are hatching.  I think this might be a final stage, but, really, I have no idea what this plant is doing.


A branch of the pods fell off when I tried to re-arrange my porch and Richard suggested dissecting one.  There were relatively normal flower bits inside.  Who’d a guessed?


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