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Appetizer series

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miniquicheMini Quiches

Ingredients:  eggs, shredded cheese, steamed and pulverized broccoli, flour, butter, water.

Instructions:  1.) make some pie crust dough:  this is really easy and usually requires mixing together a little less butter than flour and a trickling of water to hold it all together.  You don’t even have to worry too much about the texture and consistency on something this small.  2.) push pie crust dough into a mini muffin pan (yup, don’t roll it out at all, just use your fingers–I told you it was easy).  3.) mix together steamed/pulverized broccoli, eggs, and shredded cheese.  I used 2 eggs for an entire mini muffin pan (see previous sentence on small portion consistency).  4.)  spoon mixture into pie crust dough lined mini muffin divots.  5.)  bake at 350 or 400 until they firm up and brown a bit (estimate 20 to 30 min.).

Release tip:  I typically use a lot of butter in my pie dough and so do not worry about greasing the muffin pan.  If you are worried about sticking, you can use the butter stick paper to lightly grease the pan.  To get all the little quiches out, fit foil over the top of the pan after it cools a little.  Hold edges firmly and flip the whole thing over on the counter, then un-crimp the foil and lift the pan off the freed and un-dented quiches.

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