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more web comic love

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I think I said before, you know back in my first web comic love, that I would follow up with more as I had time to read more of the ones I had bookmarked that looked as if they were really smashing.   Well, I’ve had a little time and they were really smashing.  Here’s some more of the maybe-you-haven’t-found-these-yourself type of comics, that I’m only doing you a good turn by telling you about them–so that you’ve heard of them now.

Friends with Boys — Ok, so I was reading this and it was wonderful with a bit of quirky and I was really interested to see where it was going but it wasn’t there yet.  Then, I go back to it (’cause it’s taking me a really long time to write this post) and it has a massive amount of new pages and now I cannot wait another second for the next page!  Oh, and the drawing style is absolutely beautiful!

Todd Allison and Petunia Violet — The style is fresh, endearing, and colorful.  I like how it just jumps into the everyday life just before the intrigue explodes and takes you along with it.  The characters are explained as the action progresses; yes, a great way to hook a reader.  I am hooked!

Sfeer Theory — Really gorgeous and polished.  I don’t know about you, but I often find it hard to get into a story that is also building a completely different world with hierarchies and vocabulary.  I mean, it’s a hard thing to do–take a story completely out of reality as we know it and not belabor the process.  Well, I am completely intrigued in this world, and really want to see where it’s going.

Fishbones — Nice style!  Good story set up…surprised and liked the flash-back pages.  Yes.  Page 52, introduce new character as liking Giallo films, do I need any other reason to like this comic?  (and yes, I owe all my knowledge of Giallos to Richard and doomedmoviethon, but you’ve been there, right?  trying to explain something to someone and having to give a history lesson just to get to your original point.  It’s nice to find people who just know.)

Dresden Codak — Oh it’s so pretty.  And though I am still confusingly wrapped up in story lines and another world (like I said–hard to do right), I am still eyes-glued-to-screen on every single page.  This is a comic that somehow creates a fabulous, complicated, touchable group of characters with a few words and drawn expressions.

Octopus Pie — is about two women living in Brooklyn.  From the description, I have to admit, I didn’t really think it would appeal to me, but I had hopped to it from another comic that I already liked who liked it and then I couldn’t stop reading.  I.  Couldn’t.  Stop.

The Meek — This is another some-other-world one that starts out all wild girl in the woods and ends up genie in a bottle who is going to take over your soul and end the world.  After it hurts people that is.  No, not horror.  Definitely fantastical and earthy at the same time.

2D Goggles or the Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage — Did anyone else have to take History of Computers in school?  Is this dating me?  I came from the time when schools realized that computers were the coming thing but they were still new enough to need a full introduction to ignorant children.  The point being, I had to study Charles Babbage and his Analytical Machine.  I never thought I’d be using my learning to read comics one day.

Badirfilay — So pretty and weathered and gloomy and really just starting up.  Even so, it’s been picked up my Manga Magazine.  I”m excited to see where it’s going.  I love the secret underbelly of society thing.  Or, is it the secret controlling force of society thing?

Johnny Wander — What can I say… I am not the first to stumble upon this comic, think it was pretty spiffy and then promptly fall in love with all the characters.  I have feelings of the stalker in me:  I want to meet them and shower adoration upon them…only I’d freeze up and not be able to say anything ’cause that’s how I am.  The rapper Adam WarRock mentioned in his forward to volume 2 that the comic felt like home when you were home sick.  I’d have to agree.

Band Vs Band –Did you know I got a box set of Jem and the Holograms for Christmas.  Band vs. Band by Kathleen takes all the best parts of cartoon bands and makes them gorgeous!  I love the magazine covers and the band interviews.

Bucko — by Jeff Parker and Erica Moen, billed as a comical murder-mystery.  Not sure where this is going but it is fantastic so far with a host of unique characters that split the action without managing to make it confusing at all.  It makes me think of Canada, but I have never been there.


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Levi Levi pg 59

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Read through all of Levi Levi from the beginning: and subscribe to the feed:


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Random Color

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Penelope Sea

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The first book I ever took a whack at, Penelope Sea and Ocean End, needs some massive editing.  I think I am just getting into the mood for that too. This is Penelope.



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Seamless patterns

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A little while ago I was playing around with seamless patterns–the manual way.  I had a few sketches hanging around in my folders and I finally got around to coloring this one today.

In case you didn’t know, the manual way of seamless patterns is to get yourself a square sheet of paper and draw on it.  Fill it up to the edges as much as you can.  Now cut your square into four squares and tape them back together so the top right square is on the bottom left, top left – bottom right, bottom right- top left and so on.  Then draw again.   Now scan.

The only problem I always run into is that I use cheap paper which inevitably warps and expands with the moisture of my hands while I’m drawing.  Thus I have no really perfect seamless patterns.  Shucks.

There are more here.

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