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Novel idea for putting your home library to work:  BiblioFair | Book trading, exchanging and swapping made easier.

It’s interesting to me that this concept of home library exchange highlights the inadequacies of libraries to meet patron demand.  Before libraries existed in this country home library exchange would have been the only option to borrow something new, at least among those who could afford to have a book collection in the first place.  From the site:

Is the book you are looking for too expensive or always unavailable in your local library? Would you like to save both money and nature and rather buy a used one?

BiblioFair helps you find publications available for sale, donation or lending in home libraries located close to you!

I don’t know if this would work for me, since when I weed a book at home I want it out of the house quick, and the books I want to keep around…I’m not very good at sharing. I just hear my dad over and over again in my head: never lend something you actually want back.

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