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LeEMS Hundredth series

LeEMS Hundredth series published on No Comments on LeEMS Hundredth series

Hey, have ya heard about Jason Turner’s Page 100 Project, where in he, and other comic artists, illustrated page 100 of whatever book they liked/were reading?  Sounds like something I’d like huh?  So I did it too.  Only my reading either wasn’t a story – like Mark Twain’s Christian Science, or it was junk food.  I’ll keep these up as I go…..The Hundredth page 001 | The LeEMS Bean.

Coming soon

Coming soon published on No Comments on Coming soon

Inktober is coming.

Flip Side is ending.

Levi Levi chapter one is ending.

Levi Levi and the Time Machine is coming.

24 hour comics day is coming.



Houses published on No Comments on Houses

Hey, this is the first time I ever used the gallery feature.  I’ve been drawing houses recently.  I’m practicing on adding more backgrounds and got to thinking of creating my own file of clip art that I could mash together to make street locations and what not.  Houses.

Are you ready for Inktober?

Are you ready for Inktober? published on No Comments on Are you ready for Inktober?

Inktober is coming – a month long celebration of artists drawing in ink.  I’ve happily watched through a couple years of Jake Parker’s Inktobers and seen other artists I follow fall in line with brush and pen.  This will be the first year I give it a try.  No pencils, no erasers, just ink on paper, a drawing a day, all October long.  Even on 24 hour comics Day October 20th.  So keep your fingers crossed for me and check back.  Check back everyday.  🙂

random creature

random creature published on No Comments on random creature

If you are thinking about it, everyone else is too

If you are thinking about it, everyone else is too published on No Comments on If you are thinking about it, everyone else is too

Have you ever noticed the hive-mind?  You know, when you were just talking about some celebrity who’d been out of the news or some fictional character and suddenly the same name is mentioned on a talk show.  When five different movies are released based on the same premise of a long dead volcano bringing catastrophe to the country as we know it.  When your friends have just been saying that you should consider having a book made of your comics and then you read a news article about Print On Demand: Major Announcement Could Change How You Buy Books.

So instead of hiring a printing service where you are restricted to a batch no smaller than 50 at the cost of $200, there will be machines that you can take your print ready PDF to, or select a book from a list of available titles, and the machine will make a book for you.  This is some cool news.  I imagine it will be much easier than trying to exacto and glue bind your pages!

Wolf and 7 Kids comic posting

Wolf and 7 Kids comic posting published on No Comments on Wolf and 7 Kids comic posting

I said it was going to happen and now it is!  My comic version of Grimm’s Wolf and 7 Kids, originally drawn as a submission to a fairy tale anthology, is posting on my site.  Go read it!

British comedy

British comedy published on No Comments on British comedy

I didn’t know what to draw one night so I asked my husband for advice.  We were watching Keeping Up Appearances at the time during one of Onslo and Daisy’s morning in bed scenes, so he suggested I draw them young.  This is it.


Kappa published on No Comments on Kappa

He wants to suck your intestines out.  He’s hungry, can you tell?

No idea what i should draw

No idea what i should draw published on No Comments on No idea what i should draw

Fairy tales

Fairy tales published on No Comments on Fairy tales

I had this sketch sitting around doing nothing for a very very long time, so I threw some shrubs over top it and have removed it from my working folder.  This is Snow White and Rose Red.  Gustaf Tenggren’s illustrated version used to be my favorite story book when I was little.  Only I think Snow White is actually supposed to be platinum haired – I must be mixing up my fairy tales.

More mapping?

More mapping? published on No Comments on More mapping?

I’m trying some new stuff because I had an idea that ‘The Brain’ would be good for encapsulating and displaying a concept that is as web like as I have found interlibrary loan to be (yeah, this is library stuff).  But ‘The Brain’ is not so accessible when you’re traveling from computer to computer.  So, I wanted to scope out some other ways of concept mapping.  I found  It’s pretty good and a free account gets three maps worth of storage that you can share and link to.  (Yes, this is all about Interlibrary Loan – it’s what I do)

What I’m really after, now that I’ve been shopping around, is a way to insert the finished mind map into my web site.  There I could host and share it forever (even password protect it if I wanted).  Unfortunately ‘s HTML export just looks like a colorful list with anchor tags:

So I am still looking.  Though, to be completely on the up and up I have to admit that a pro version of the brain offers an HTML export that creates a working online brain when loaded into a web server.   It might very well be what I am looking for if I could just be satisfied with what I’ve already found.

What do you think?

What do you think? published on No Comments on What do you think?

You see, I was thinking of ways to make all my running comics more visible.  I know the RSS feeds of blog and webcomics are combined, but site visitors are not seeing recent comic postings unless they visit the individual comics.  So what about doing short linking posts like what I just did with the song comic.  RSS feeders are gonna get double notification, but hopefully it won’t be too annoying.

Or maybe I’m gonna play around with having the most recent comic page of whatever comic post at the top and keep all the blog posts below.  What d’ya think of that?

Airplane studies

Airplane studies published on No Comments on Airplane studies


Do you ever find that when you are waiting for an airplane all you have to do with yourself is try desperately not to stare at other people.  Sometimes I fail, if only because sometimes people in airports are crazy interesting.

I know I know

I know I know published on No Comments on I know I know

I have let the comics updates slide again.  I promise new pages of Flip Side and Levi Levi are coming.  I was having troubles drawing anything coherent and it’s tough when you are trying to wrap up a couple of stories so you can move on to the next one.  So, this weekend I distracted myself by doing some minor redesigns on my website.  You might notice it even.

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