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More More More published on No Comments on More More More

Alright kiddies.  I had an epiphany–I greatly dislike manual upkeep on an rss feed, which is what I was doing for Levi Levi ever since I took it off of it’s old blog platform years ago.  Combine that with the guilt I’ve been feeling about not regularly updating the Bean and voila! — a new website for my projects means a new life for the Bean.  While there will still be some consumption commentary, the Bean will be more about production.

I mean, it only makes sense yeah?  The Bean is my bean, and since I’ve been more into making things than taking things it should be too.

This is my idea:  this fancy new blogging platform makes it easy to offer multiple feeds out of one blog.  Sooooooo, the Bean will make my comic feeds for me.  So far, I’ve listed the currently production ready comics as their own ‘subscribe to’ links over on the right.  Updates on the Bean will happen before updates to the comic pages themselves–but the pages won’t be too far behind.

I love feeds, they’re awesome!

This new roll-out comes complete with a little more of comics that I’d only touched on in my previous web site release.   Well, those pages are expanded now too, as I’ve just updated the web site again.    No Evil and Flip Side are underway, along with upcoming pages for Levi Levi.  Soon to follow is Left Overs.


24 hour comics day

24 hour comics day published on No Comments on 24 hour comics day

I’ve heard of this, somewhere, on someone’s tumblr or deviant art page at some point in time, but I never remembered to figure out what it is, which is weird because I like participating in online creative challenges.  Never remembered to figure it out until now, that is.  I just signed up for 24 hour comics day.  The site is weird and the sign up process is a lot like making a charitable pledge, but I circled around it a bunch of times to make sure it was the right place.

On October 1st (I decided to start myself at 8 a.m.) I will be drawing a 24 page comic in 24 hours.  The frenzied activity will distract me from my hasty rush to finish a couple of in progress stories before NaNoWriMo, and my obsession with trying to figure out what I am doing for NaNoWriMo.  Now I just have to figure out what I am doing for 24 hour comics day.

So, come on!  Whose with me?


The long and treacherous path

The long and treacherous path published on 2 Comments on The long and treacherous path

Unlikely BedfellowsAlright, HELLO! once again.  I am happy to be back, though truthfully, the Bean was the least affected of all my web site woes.  Moving around took a little more finagling than I had anticipated, but I’ve learned a whole lot of new things.  Right now I am happy to wave buh-bye to third party domain retailers, wonky web elements in IE, and my lousy ‘check back soon’ home page.  Yay!

Of all the things I’ve run into that have astounded me, there is one that I cannot find anyone talking about online–complaints or fixes.  Maybe I’m just searching it wrong.  But here goes–I have a fancy SLR digital camera that I love to bitsies.  Harvesting off of this loverly camera results in a bunch of .JPG files–note JPG not jpg.  What’s the difference, you ask; why should this matter?  The answer is somewhere I’m sure, but I haven’t found it.  The problem is a whole bunch of html, java, and whatnot don’t read one the same as the other, and it’s damned aggravating.

That’s enough of that, what’s really important is that I have a NEW WEBSITE, at the old hangout.  And on this NEW WEBSITE are NEW LEVI LEVI pages and an entirely NEW and COMPLETE comic (part 1 anyway) called Unlikely Bedfellows.  There’s a whole bunch of other stuff too.  I’m so proud!

Moving around

Moving around published on 2 Comments on Moving around

Well, alright.  I am working on a web-site overhaul and in the midst of planning I submitted to my dissatisfaction with my domain host and moved sites.  The LeEMS machine still looks the same and you can still get to it in the same way, but the Bean has moved and changed.  Well, it’s still at the same address…I’m just not sure that it’s RSS feed is at the same address.  AND in the process of moving platforms, I only transferred the 10 most recent posts of three or so years worth of posts.  I’m thinking of posting the archives in pdf chunks, but I don’t know if there’s any call for that.  I’ll keep thinking.

Anyway, I am really excited with my code that you can’t see yet.  So, we’ll see what happens.

Announcing: the revival of the Etsy shop

Announcing: the revival of the Etsy shop published on No Comments on Announcing: the revival of the Etsy shop

Ok, its been a long time coming but I have finally invested some time in my Etsy store once again. No telling if I'll be more successful than I was before, but I do have a stock to liquidate and it won't get sold if it's just sitting in my closet.

Comic updates

Comic updates published on No Comments on Comic updates


 Alright, so this blog has become very different than what it started out being.  I used to have time to consume as much creative things as I created, and so I originally used this space to talk about the awesome things I had found out.  But now, I don’t–though I seem to be creating more.  Drawing ‘s like therapy you know.

Anyway, I found these four already drawn pages of Levi Levi hiding out in a little sketch book while I was cleaning and luckily, they fit in with the story I had been drawing besides.

Oh, and the action comic that I called action comic because I didn’t have a name for it now has a name:  Unlikely Bedfellows.  Yes, it has a name, and many many pages that are drawn and inked.  I do not yet know how I am going to share them.


More on the crazy read it list

More on the crazy read it list published on No Comments on More on the crazy read it list

So, this desperately seeking out books that I had read went all the way back to the books I remember as a kid.  Caps for Sale was just such a book.  Another, that I haven’t managed to pin down, was one where a bunch of men rush about building a house and when they settle back to admire the great fruits of their labor they realize that they forgot to build in windows.  It  might be The Simpleton’s (or Die Shildburger) by Erich Kästner but I haven’t been able to verify.  If it rings a bell with you, please message me or something.

One of my very favorites, for which I can find not hide nor hair of a replacement is Snow White and Rose Red by Gustaf Tenggren.   Now, Tenggren did quite a few golden books and though they are reviving all those lovely gold tape covered bindings, and adding a few titles, none of Tenggren’s books have reached the stores (at least, not any stores in Florida).

Previously on the Bean:

Junk food and Wildfires

The Great Book List and the only book I ever read twice so far

Russian Ark

Russian Ark published on No Comments on Russian Ark

It all started with a preview on a Netflix rental.  I was intrigued by the idea that a movie could be filmed through in one shot and all in the Russian gallery.  I figured the uniqueness of this alone would make it worth a rental, so I added  Russian Ark to the Netflix list.   Then it came, and because I figured that it’s only good attributes were the fluid camera work and the Russian gallery, I left it on the shelf for nearly a month because I couldn’t work up the wherewithal to sit down and take in an artsy movie.

I was horribly wrong.  The limitations of the single shot filming didn’t make any part of this movie tedious, as I feared it would.  Watching it was like dreaming, where you can only see where the dream is taking you.  The dialog and action were all completely engrossing and completely unexpected.   So, go watch it.

Looky Looky

Looky Looky published on 2 Comments on Looky Looky

Ok, so I didn’t manage to get anywhere close to my goals for NaNoWriMo and then I just vanished off the face of the internets for a little while.  I’ve been a little busy, what can I say.  But of all the creative things that I should have been doing, one thing I have kept up with is drawing.  I’ve been drawing lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Mostly comics.  I’ve got six?–yeah, I think six, comics going right now.  See those people in the picture–they’re from my action comic–so named because I haven’t thought of a name for it.  I was inspired to draw this story when I dreamed about the lady with a bunch of eyes shooting me in the head.

I am considering putting this up on the site page by page like Levi Levi, but perhaps I need to be better about making actual updates before I do that… Oh, there’s a new Levi Levi page up today too.

Once I stall on my six comics I will most likely kick myself in the butt and write on one of my five stories.  Or I could even get back to writing here more often too.  Maybe I should just write my stories here…

K, bye.

The New Levi Levi – yeah still the same comic

The New Levi Levi – yeah still the same comic published on No Comments on The New Levi Levi – yeah still the same comic

So, confession:  I haven’t written for a week, but I am totally justified, yeah?  Anyway–I got some time to compute for a little today and guess what I did?–I didn’t write.

Instead, drumroll please, I finally erected a new page for my Levi Levi comic–complete with new Levi Levi picture.  So, it’s kind of simple and I haven’t gotten the rss feed working right, but it is so much more of what I wanted than the blog I had him on before.

If only I could count code towards my NaNoWriMo word count. Wink


This is the comic that I built

NaNoWriMo:  National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month is upon us!

Heart to heart

National Novel Writing Month Finally!


Junk food and Wildfires

Junk food and Wildfires published on No Comments on Junk food and Wildfires

picture by LeEMSA little background:  I went a little insane one summer and started compiling a list of all the books I had ever read.  By memory…

So, have you ever had your mind tickled by something and suddenly you are wracking your brain to remember the title of that book you read with the red flower on it?  Yeah, I searched through a lot of those situations and managed to flesh out a pretty decent list.  I think I ended up honing some pretty snazzy internet detective skills too.

A little disappointment:  There were a few sticky wickets, most of which came from my youthful binging on 80s teen romances.  I knew these were like junk food then and they are even more cavity inducing now, but they hold a special place in my heart…I’m getting verklempt…ANYWAY, these titles became a major source of frustration because they were so junky and cheap that they ended up disappearing. And when they disappeared, I couldn’t find any corroboration to fill out my reading list.

A lot amazing:  My frustration turned into a kind of lazy obsession where I would hit the young adults fiction area of every used books store I happened to be in and snatch up what I could find.  Even so, I haven’t ended up with too many and none of what I could remember reading in the past.

And then, like a fantastic happy ending, I stumble on to Sweet Hearts Romance Books.  Oh yes, guys and girls, this is the much needed, much anticipated webstore devoted to Teen romances of the 80s and 90s.  No, I could not wait to thoroughly peruse or even put in an order before I spread the word because the word is just THAT GOOD!  I hope you understand.

So now I’m searching out with some new fangled key terms and I’ve found  CLIQUEY PIZZA 2: more 80′s teen book series & pop culture  aka awesome blog of nostalgic delirium, but sadly no other store.


The Great Book List and the only book I ever read twice so far

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month published on No Comments on NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month

Every year, so why don’t you go sign up already.  And while you’re there, visit me:  We can be friends and hold hands in a meadow of sunshine and I will pick on you for not writing last night.

And I will avoid repeating my failure from last year.  I will save in multiple places and keep back-ups.  I will save in multiple places and keep back-ups.  I will save in multiple places and keep back-ups.  Repeat with me:  I will save in multiple places and keep back-ups.


National Novel Writing Month is upon us!

Heart to heart

National Novel Writing Month Finally!

Facebook: Finally14000 

Something like a cross between beat poetry and noir over narration

Something like a cross between beat poetry and noir over narration published on No Comments on Something like a cross between beat poetry and noir over narration

I’ve spent a lot of my youth browsing book shelves at various stores to find the best book I’d never heard about before.  With all this practice I’ve developed something like a three step method to picking up the perfect read.  Besides approaching the shelves blind folded, I am not sure there is a way to cold pick your next read with out some amount of bias.  My tastes tend toward interesting and arresting titles.  A good cover design will seal the deal but not break it.  Then I move on to step one:  the summary.  I realize that most of these fantastic little blurbs are not written by the author, so it is really someone elses ability to sell that sells me, but the summary alone isn’t going to lose me my money.  Step two is the first paragraph of the first chapter, or perhaps the whole first page.  I have bought books based on one well written, sarcastic, cynical, pithy, witty, illustrative, bright, bleak sentence and I have not regretted it.  I am not such a task master that I will most definitely rule out the book whose first page doesn’t delight me.  Step three is random page reading.  If I can get enough enjoyment from randomly sampled language, that book ‘s got a good chance of going home with me.  And all of this is how I found Hang by Your Neck by Henry Kane.

Honestly I didn’t need to do any random sampling to adhere this book firmly to my hand while I walked to the check out.  This book passed the first paragraph test with flying and flabbergasted colors.

Now, I thought about illustrating my first paragraph test with the first paragraph, but I really hate typing out dialog so yous lovely people will get a random sample:

“I put the phone down and I scrabbled a fingernail, silent, pensive, and nude.  I scowled at the ignominious, erect, derisive, empty bottle of Scotch.  I drew a long breath, sighing like a husband at the end of a marital fracas.  I went back to the bedroom.  I stood on the chair alongside of him and I kept him firm with one hand while I went through his pockets with the other.  There was nothing in any of his pockets, except a jingling group of small metal instruments.  I let go and he swung away from me and I got off the chair before he came back.”

Thrilling Detective has a pretty good history of character and writer with a list of titles for further exploration.

Over at the Internet Archive are single episodes of Crime and Peter Chambers (the player below will play all the episodes, but head on over to the archive if you want to view the play list).


Analyze your writing style: I Write Like

Analyze your writing style: I Write Like published on No Comments on Analyze your writing style: I Write Like

Ok people.  Here I am checking in just often enough that they don't delete my account…Oh wait, my steady payments probably do that.  Well, I finally got to looking at things besides work and my own projects and I saw this handy/funny/interesting/whatever little analysis tool for telling you which writer you write like.  Since we all love it when other people, or logarithms, tell us about us, I decided it wouldn't be in the public's best interest not to share.

So go to I Write Like: and find out who you write like.  Judging from one of the blog entries on this here very blog.  I write like Ursula K. Le Guin.  I have to admit I have never read her work, but I like her name.  It's snazzy.

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