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Color my house

Color my house published on No Comments on Color my house

Painting the exterior of the house is on our five year plan, along with getting a driveway (it’s true, we have none at all).  I have a habit verbally and gesturally describing my vision in a way that no one I know seems to understand, so I’ve taken to making mock-ups.

Eventually that green lawn-ish weed patch to the left of the side walk will be completely filled with mounds of flowering ground cover and low bushes.  That’ll help cover up the vent pipe too.

I love green. I’ve already painted my front screen door green, and there were some awesome green colors in 1950s exterior paint ads, but there are two other houses on the street (one directly across) that have taken advantage of green.  I suppose I’ll have to be content to have green walls on the inside of the house instead of the outside.

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