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Dinner Challenge

Dinner Challenge published on No Comments on Dinner Challenge

Ok, so I had too much yogurt – at least I thought I did, though the other inhabitants of my house assured me it’d get eaten before it went bad.  Yeah, ok.  The challenge was something savory for dinner that used the yogurt along with some of the other things in the house.  The solution (hypothesized) was a recipe-less palak paneer.  That’s cheesy spinach curry for those of you who have never had the awesomeness.

So, I put a little less than half a big tub of greek yogurt into a pot with two cans of spinach some curry, some extra cumin and garlic salt, and then, later in the cooking, some cubes of feta cheese (most definitely not the usual palak paneer cheese).

The result…DUN DUN DUN… was that it was ‘not overly spiced’ which resulted in a very ‘strong spinach flavor.’  But then he hadn’t gotten to the cheese yet.  And it looked just like the real thing.  Yay, yogurt used and a bit of left-overs that I am more than happy to eat ’cause I liked it.

Eaten along side brown rice and fried eggs.

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