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Dinner time

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rarebitI recently came across the blog Table Matters and it got me thinking about old timey meals like those in my copy of Fanny Farmer’s cookbook, and meals that may be common place elsewhere but not where I live.

Then we got this bread that was REALLY awesome and decided that we would have to have some meals on toast.  This is the first:  my take on Welsh Rarebit, beef and goat cheese gravy sauce with some cheddar sprinkles and a side of cabbage slaw.  It looks kind of blah, but it was awesome!

Ingredients:  beef stock from stewing beef earlier in the week, goat cheese, a little flour (for thickening) and parsley all in the pot for the gravy, and toasted bread to put it on.  Ingredients for the slaw:  chopped cabbage, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, pepper, mustard.

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