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do you hear the birds talking?

do you hear the birds talking? published on No Comments on do you hear the birds talking?


birdman4I do because I am listening to Noisli.

Long ago, I used to listen to language learning lessons while doing my daily work.  Then, the daily work started demanding a little more of my cognitive abilities and I switched to listening to music.  Now, I can only manage chamber music in the background because excess input, along with all the other stuff I’m staring at-reading-writing-adding, breaks my head.

My initial method for bringing a little serenity to my desk environment was to make sure my desktop backgrounds were all simple and expansive nature, like a field of flowers or the interlacing branches of a tree.  I can’t remember where I read about it first, but this article:  “How Nature Resets Our Minds and Bodies” explains how looking on nature alleviates stress and focuses attention.  I also don’t know if the photographic projections of nature on my computer screen are any real type of stand in; time will tell.

In addition to the visuals, I have added some ambient nature noises to my day.   Noisli is my number one right now, but I have also scoped out the nature sounds at ambient-mixer and the simplicity of iSerenity.

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