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Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again

Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again published on 1 Comment on Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again


Okay, there are a couple in there that are not from Etsy, but Etsy is an excellent place to find excellent indie comics.  And find I did…

As You Were, an anthology comic available through Silver Sprocket

Best Day Ever by Sammy Borras

Bunny Behavior and Tigris & Vulpes by Lindsey Green

Minutiae by Aijung Kim

Monster Heart mini comic from Brogan Coral Kingsley

Poor Mick from Kat Martin‘s Etsy shop

Werebears and Only Children Minicomic from the Werebears shop of Jennifer Barrett

Whisper Grass a side comic of the Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver

Witchling by Renee Nault

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