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I was in the bookstore when I saw Tiny Stories vol. 2.  I picked it up and was wooed and bought it, along with something else that made me say, “bookstores put books in the ‘humor’ section because there is no section called ‘awesome.'”  Have you noticed?  I mean Kate Beaton was in the ‘humor’ section next to things like 100 Fart Jokes and Galvin and Jobbs.  What are they thinking?!  Something like, ‘oh gee, I dunno where this goes so lets through it in the only catch-all section we have,’ or ‘this has pictures, but it’s not a graphic novel, so it must be humor.’  Maybe…diatribe for another day.

Back to Tiny Stories vol. 2.  In it is a little blurb about sending your own tiny stories to for the next volume.  I am relatively addicted to trying my best to get involved in an anthology project, so I had to check it out.  What I found was interesting and unusual.  hitRECord is something like a collaboration engine, where creators of all sorts surrender up there bits in the hopes of matching it with other people’s bits, squishing them all together and making a fabulous new thing.  I am skittering on the edge as I do with most virtual socializing nite-clubs, but it looks really cool, so I wanted to say.

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