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Hokey pokey vs. hokey cokey

Hokey pokey vs. hokey cokey published on No Comments on Hokey pokey vs. hokey cokey

While watching a crazy amount of British television programming I started wondering on the differences between the U.S.’s Hokey pokey and the U.K.’s Hokey cokey. It turns out its variations and history is much more interesting than I thought (Wikipedia).  Some form of hokey pokey has been traced to the 17th century and it may have been thought up as a way to make fun of Catholic priests performing the tradition Latin mass.   It has variations in Australia, the Philippines and Denmark.  The modern U.K. version was printed in 1942, and may have been recorded around that time.  The U.S. version was also recorded in the late 40s.

Rather sensibly, the U.K. considers the hokey cokey a traditional song.  Insensibly, Sony holds the copyrights over the hokey pokey.

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