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I should have known

I should have known published on No Comments on I should have known

So, we have this 1.3-2 gallon jug that we re-used, from crappy orange juice finished long ago, to water plants with when we’re not on the side of the house that has the watering can.  The problem with using a watering jug instead of a can with a spout is the uncontrolled and harsh stream of water that can upset soil, especially around new plantings.  My solution?  look for a do-hickey that puts a spout on the jug — why buy another watering can?

Finding such a do-hickey was both harder and easier than expected.  And it led me to an amazing site I should have known would be there already:  Shapeways — a site to buy and sell 3-D printed fabulousness.  Here is some fabulousness:

Featured examples:Solar System Models, Steampunk Cup and Saucer, Bosch Bird, Jackalope Skeleton, 3D Printed Right Hand, Cityscape Rings, Sprout bottle spout, Hyperspace Button.

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