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inhale, count to ten

inhale, count to ten published on No Comments on inhale, count to ten

Ok, my website (except for the Bean) is currently completely messed up.  No images are displaying and I can trace no reason.  Gonna take a chance and ignore it until tomorrow in the hopes that it is something weird with my host.

fingers crossed

No problem, dumb head, sort of.  So, I started brainstorming all the things that could be happening and realized that I should probably double check the site via a different browser before freaking out too much.  And then I thought about anything that is different with my browser and I remembered that I had outfitted it to avoid online tracking.  Problem solved.  Don’t know how to two are connected, though I know it is corrected ’cause the only problem was in my browser till I reverted my online tracking changes.  Not all of them but still.  Never mind my freaking out, or trying not to freak out.  Even though I’m rambling nonsensically, never mind.

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