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Junk food and Wildfires

Junk food and Wildfires published on No Comments on Junk food and Wildfires

picture by LeEMSA little background:  I went a little insane one summer and started compiling a list of all the books I had ever read.  By memory…

So, have you ever had your mind tickled by something and suddenly you are wracking your brain to remember the title of that book you read with the red flower on it?  Yeah, I searched through a lot of those situations and managed to flesh out a pretty decent list.  I think I ended up honing some pretty snazzy internet detective skills too.

A little disappointment:  There were a few sticky wickets, most of which came from my youthful binging on 80s teen romances.  I knew these were like junk food then and they are even more cavity inducing now, but they hold a special place in my heart…I’m getting verklempt…ANYWAY, these titles became a major source of frustration because they were so junky and cheap that they ended up disappearing. And when they disappeared, I couldn’t find any corroboration to fill out my reading list.

A lot amazing:  My frustration turned into a kind of lazy obsession where I would hit the young adults fiction area of every used books store I happened to be in and snatch up what I could find.  Even so, I haven’t ended up with too many and none of what I could remember reading in the past.

And then, like a fantastic happy ending, I stumble on to Sweet Hearts Romance Books.  Oh yes, guys and girls, this is the much needed, much anticipated webstore devoted to Teen romances of the 80s and 90s.  No, I could not wait to thoroughly peruse or even put in an order before I spread the word because the word is just THAT GOOD!  I hope you understand.

So now I’m searching out with some new fangled key terms and I’ve found  CLIQUEY PIZZA 2: more 80′s teen book series & pop culture  aka awesome blog of nostalgic delirium, but sadly no other store.


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