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Keep Calm

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Keep Calm and Carry On was printed on a motivational poster, one of three, designed by the British government’s Ministry of Information for the second world war (Wikipedia).  The original keep calm poster wasn’t actually widely circulated, yet after it’s rediscovery it became a hot new design trend.  I got myself a Keep Calm poster and happily posted it in my kitchen. I was dealing with a crisis, and it was an oddly comforting cheer to keep going every day. Then it birthed a never ending flow of imitations:


And then my crisis ended. By the time I saw ‘Keep Calm and Chive On’ I was done with it. I wanted people to stop. I joked that I wanted to replace my poster with a ‘Panic and Run Around Screaming’Panic even though it would only add to the flood.  Then there were even more.  There are even multiple poster generators where you can create your own Keep Calm posters.  There is a Keep Calm poster for every fandom, every foody, every crafter and every holiday.  We are reaching critical mass.

There are plenty of other WWII motivational type posters to choose from should you need a little revving up. And, then there is always the possibility of making something completely new. What a concept!

TOGETHER_WE_CAN_DO_IT_-_KEEP_`EM_FIRING_-_NARA_-_515856 wecandoit ofcourseican

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