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Kill The Apostrophe

Kill The Apostrophe published on No Comments on Kill The Apostrophe

When I talked about my enjoyment reading a master of language talk about language, I was not actually ascribing to the strange and overly picky arguments that erupt when someone publishes a grammatical error on the web.  I kind of ignore all those because they seem pompous even if there are careers and jobs based around them, and they could eventually affect how kids learn language in school.  They happen often online and with vehemence, rage and extensive arguments.  Sometimes they even result in movements like Kill The Apostrophe.

Do we need an apostrophe?  Would getting rid of it simply make more our language more complex by making contractions into words of their own right that would evolve separately from their root?  Usually changes to language don’t affect the people or understanding of people living during the change, but what about one hundred years from now?  Two hundred?  Whatever grammar, spelling, and definition changes may happen in my life time, none of them even approach the magnitude of downgrading Pluto’s classification.  Pluto, you are still a planet to me.

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