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Levi and Halloween costumes

Levi and Halloween costumes published on No Comments on Levi and Halloween costumes

LeviAnnie&AlvinHalloweenAnd the conversation goes something like this:

Alvin (yeah, all grown up):  “What are you supposed to be?”

Annie:  “I’m a gorgon, you know – Medusa- What are you?”

Alvin:  “Ah, um, I dunno – an army dude?”

Annie:  “An army dude…because of cammo pants?  Why didn’t you even try?”

Levi:  “Hair’s too long, kid.”

Annie:  “It’s not just that – not that you’re any better.  I mean, you really went all out with that makeup.”

Levi:  “Thank you!”

Annie:  “I was being sarcastic.”

Alvin:  “Are those snakes real?”

Annie:  “Of course not.”

Alvin:  “I think one just hissed at me.”

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