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Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back

Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back published on 2 Comments on Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back

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And lest you think all those conference sessions were just ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,’ and ‘because detective-story-nerds:’

Key Note:  “The Evolution and Unending Applicability of Private Investigation”
Key Note Speakers:  Aleister Bean and Sean McCallister from the Aleister McCallister Detective Agency and stars of the new movie A Million Ways to Kill Your Lover, opening Thursday and followed by a pre-conference cocktail hour.
*Social Night on Friday sponsored by Blue Moon Detective Agency and Hart Industries

Jessica Fletcher -“How to Survive Becoming the Victim in Your Investigation”
Not all investigations can be conducted without coming under the scrutiny of the very person you are investigating.  This scrutiny, obvious or not, can interfere with your investigation and create a danger to you.  In this session, learn methods of assessing your position in your own investigation and minimizing personal risk without giving up your footing on a case.

D.C.I. Barnaby -“How to Solve the Case with Critical Thinking and Delegation”
Learn how to apply efficiency of action to your detective work and maximize the use of all resources and staff in order to minimize personal stresses and reach a timely conclusion.

Harry Dresden -“Using Unconventional Methods While Working with Diverse Cultures and Interests”
Learn how to adopt new and unconventional methods to succeed when dealing with challenging and unconventional clients and partners.  How flexibility and continued professional development will save your skin in a scrape.

Hetty Wainthropp -“Retirement, Family, and Business:  balancing the demands of the female investigator”
Private investigating as a woman comes with unique obstacles and challenges.  Examine what the cases of successful female investigators, like Phryne Fisher, Ms. Marple and Sally Lockheart, can teach us about managing life’s pressures while solving our cases.

Jonathan Quayle Higgins III -“Managing the Private Investigator in Exotic Locales”
Private investigators must be self sufficient, self starters.  The nature of the work eschews reliable communication and location. Yet they must be managed like any other employee, are prone to the same amounts of distraction, and subject to increased levels of danger specific to the environment and culture.  Learn tips on managing investigators with focus on exotic locations.

J. Constantine -“Dangerous Partnerships for Ultimate Ends”
Cultivating and tending relationships with dangerous people in order to build a network that will help you out of any jam.

Madelyn Hayes -“The Business of Investigation”
From opening a solo agency to two locations and five officers.  How to manage your finances, advertisements, staff to the advantage of your business and clients.  Learn about training and mentoring, payrolls and benefits, so the requirements of business do not interfere with successful investigation.

Keith Mars -“Best Practices in Surveillance Techniques”
Reliable surveillance as an independent investigator.  Using best practices in equipment and internet surveillance to track people’s movements without a constant physical tail.

Dr. R Quincy -“Conducting the Safe and Clean Investigation”
Techniques for protecting evidence, avoiding contamination, and managing detail in your investigation.  Dr. Quincy is the former Medical Examiner for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.  His career boasts many crimes solved, above and beyond expectations.

D.I. Lewis -“Standing on the Shoulders of Our Seniors”
The detectives that teach us have the ability to mold and shape our career long after they have moved on.  Learn how to take full advantage of their expertise and balance the influence and reputation of your trainer and mentor against your career and colleague perceptions.

Aurelio Zen -“Political Pressure and an Open Case”
Dealing with political pressure and the interests of powerful players in high profile cases.  Advice for keeping your movements out of the eye of the public, conducting your investigations with a minimal amount of invasiveness to those especially sensitive, and how to weigh the concerns of your department with the needs of your case.

Peter Chambers -“Good Old Fashioned Knuckles”
Simple tips for perfecting your skills at self-defense.  When and when not to employ coercion techniques, while staying on the friendly side of the law.

Mick St. John and Jack Fleming -“Compensating for Environmental Obstacles to Your Detective Business”
Tips and tricks for running a successful business and keeping clients happy when your movements are restricted by forces out of your control.  In this panel discussion, St. John and Fleming provide their insight from running their respective agencies.

Laura Holt -“Giving the Right Impression”
Laura Holt discusses how to use proxies and misdirection to entice and assure your clients. A successful investigation business requires appearing to be both exactly what your clients are looking for and nothing that your targets expect you to be.

Nora Davis  -“Everyday Booby Traps”
Suggestions for new ways of using everyday objects to create traps, capture evidence, track movement and protect yourself.

Dirk Gently -“Cultivating Accurate Wild Assumptions”

Looking where no one looks and finding what no one would find in order to holistically solve your cases with sometimes wild but accurate assumptions.


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