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LL+TM 64

LL+TM 64 published on 1 Comment on LL+TM 64

I know I started it just a year ago, but … I’m thinking of discontinuing Levi Levi’s tumblr.  What do ya’ll think?

If you’ve been on there then you’d’ve seen that I haven’t been updating it very often, but then, from the subscription rates I can tell that no one from here is really there.  I do not think I am going to work up the dedication to do what’s necessary to get it noticed on tumblr.  I’m pretty lazy that way.


Levi Levi Chapter 2 Levi Levi and The Time Machine!
Posting on Thursdays.
All of chapter 1 can be read here:
Buy chapter 1:  The Long Assignment on Etsy.
Levi Levi has a tumblr.

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