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Looky Looky

Looky Looky published on 2 Comments on Looky Looky

Ok, so I didn’t manage to get anywhere close to my goals for NaNoWriMo and then I just vanished off the face of the internets for a little while.  I’ve been a little busy, what can I say.  But of all the creative things that I should have been doing, one thing I have kept up with is drawing.  I’ve been drawing lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Mostly comics.  I’ve got six?–yeah, I think six, comics going right now.  See those people in the picture–they’re from my action comic–so named because I haven’t thought of a name for it.  I was inspired to draw this story when I dreamed about the lady with a bunch of eyes shooting me in the head.

I am considering putting this up on the site page by page like Levi Levi, but perhaps I need to be better about making actual updates before I do that… Oh, there’s a new Levi Levi page up today too.

Once I stall on my six comics I will most likely kick myself in the butt and write on one of my five stories.  Or I could even get back to writing here more often too.  Maybe I should just write my stories here…

K, bye.


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