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Marketing me

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I was talking with a wonderful and wise friend who’s first thought on seeing my newly printed stack of Levi Levi and the Monster Girls’ School zine was that I should have a table at a comic-con or some such.  And I thought, ‘if I were to have a table I would probably need to print up the first chapters of No Evil and Unlikely Bedfellows as well as have some flyers and whatnots so people could remember who I was.’

Well, I haven’t booked a table and I haven’t made any more printing orders, but I have ordered Levi Levi stickers, LeEMS business cards, and made some mini-flyers:

flyer2 flyer1
I’m getting those fabulous double sided business cards. Upper left of the below is the front with three different back designs.  They are fabulous!

business cards

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