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More on the crazy read it list

More on the crazy read it list published on No Comments on More on the crazy read it list

So, this desperately seeking out books that I had read went all the way back to the books I remember as a kid.  Caps for Sale was just such a book.  Another, that I haven’t managed to pin down, was one where a bunch of men rush about building a house and when they settle back to admire the great fruits of their labor they realize that they forgot to build in windows.  It  might be The Simpleton’s (or Die Shildburger) by Erich Kästner but I haven’t been able to verify.  If it rings a bell with you, please message me or something.

One of my very favorites, for which I can find not hide nor hair of a replacement is Snow White and Rose Red by Gustaf Tenggren.   Now, Tenggren did quite a few golden books and though they are reviving all those lovely gold tape covered bindings, and adding a few titles, none of Tenggren’s books have reached the stores (at least, not any stores in Florida).

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