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Movies of 1979

Movies of 1979 published on No Comments on Movies of 1979

Richard of DoomedMoviethon has inspired me to look up, research, and obsess over movies from my birth year.  That there link up there will take you to his posts on his own birth-year adventure.  I’m not quite as intrepid as Richard;  I don’t plan on seeking out and watching too many that I haven’t already seen.  But I have made a couple of best of lists (in no real order):

List #1:  the Hey that’s awesome!  I didn’t know that came out in my birth year, list.

  1. Life of Brian
  2. Mad Max
  3. Zombie – this is awesome because I’ve seen this, and I’ve seen it again and again, thanks to Richard.
  4. All That Jazz
  5. Lupin the Third:  The Castle of Cagliostro
  6. Love at First Bite
  7. Amar Akbar Anthony  – kind of like…wow, I’ve actually seen this…

List #2:  this actually looks like of interesting.

  1. Wise Blood – I read this, I did not know it had a movie–I bet it’s painful.
  2. The Return of Superman – check this tag line:  “Born out of a Christmas ornaments-filled heaven, Turkish Superman fights the mob in order to save the day!”

And finally, the best of the worst movie posters.


I know it looks horribly paltry and all, but I scrolled through lists and lists of French, German, and Japanese pictures, lists and lists of sisters sexually discovering everything, lists and lists and lists and lists.  And no, Aliens and Apocalypse Now don’t make my lists, because I’ve never really enjoyed them.  There you have it:  the 1979 of cinema according to the infant LeEtta.

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