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music from Miss Fisher’s

music from Miss Fisher’s published on 2 Comments on music from Miss Fisher’s

Before my blueray player decided it didn’t like Netflix any longer I was enjoying Miss Fisher’s Mysteries.  More than once, the credits started to roll and the accompanying song was delightful and fresh in a way that 1920s radio mixes are new and fresh.  Being a popular show, of course the soundtrack is available commercially, however, I suspected that a lot of the songs would be freely available courtesy of the Internet Archive.  I was right, and I made you a little mix of all the songs I could find for Season One with a script I have been dying to try.

And, if you want to scope out the internet archive available songs on my mix, I’ll even share the list….though, my mix tape is totally the best way to listen.

Cocaine Blues S1
Kansas City Stomp
Written and performed by Ferdinand ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton Regular Gal
written by Harry Warren
performed by Ben Selvin & his Orchestra
performed by Waring’s Pennsylvanians

Snag It
Written and performed by Joe Oliver

Skake That Thang
performed by Abe Lyman & his Orchestra

Murder on the Ballarat Train S1
Dr. Jazz Stomp
by Ferdinand ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton & his Red Hot Peppers

Does She Love Me Positively
by The Six Jumping Jacks
performed by Herbert Glad

The Green Mill Murder S1
Hot & Anxious
by Fletcher Henderson

Jambled Blues
by Sonny Clay’s Plantation Orchestra

Reckless Blues
by Deni Hines
performed by Bessie Smith

Death at Victoria Dock S1
Royal Garden Blues
by Bix Beiderbecke

Murder and Almonds  S1
Black and Tan Fantasy
by Duke Ellington Orchestra
performed by the Clyde McCoy Orchestra

Ruddy Gore  S1
That’s My Weakness
by Bud Green and Sam H. Stept
performed by Abe Lyman Orchestra

He’s The Last Word
written by Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn
performed by Ben Bernie & His Orchestra
Ben Pollack and his Californians

Makin’ Whoopie
written by Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn
performed by Silvio Blonde and his Invisible Orchestra

Murder in Montparnasse  S1
Mademoiselle from Montparnasse (Armentières)
Performed by Travis McMahon, Ben Prendergast and Chris Davis
Hinky Dinky Parley Voo
performed by Dubin Mills McHugh Dash Broadway Quartet

Away with the Fairies  S1
There’s A Wah Wah Girl In Agua Caliente
written by Walter Donaldson
performed by Isham Jones & his Orchestra

Rose Room In Sunny Roseland
performed by Silvio Blonde’s Invisible Orchestra
featuring S. Sedergreen & D. Gardner
Performed by Benny Goodman orchestra

Queen of the Flowers  S1
Jungle Blues
Written and performed by Ferdinand ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton

If I Had You
Written by Theodore Shapiro, Jimmy Campbell and Reginald Connelly
Performed by Al Bowlly
performed by Sidney James

Building a Nest for Mary
Music by Jesse Greer
Lyrics by Billy Rose
performed by Chick Endor

Death by Misadventure  S1
Dance of the Blue Danube
written by Fred Fisher
performed by The Anglo Persians

Blood and Circuses S1
“Havin’ Lots Of Fun’ traditional
performed by Abe Lyman and his Orchestra

Murder in the Dark S1
“Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love) written by Cole Porter
performed by Paul Whiteman and Orchestra

The Darktown Strutters Ball
performed by Paul Whiteman and Orchestra
performed by Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra

King Memses’ Curse S1
Sailing On A Sunbeam
written by Dave Dreyer and Ballard MacDonald
performed by Des Tooley featuring Frank Coughlin
performed by the Jesse Stafford Orchestra featuring Lawrence Gray


Hello ! That’s just a great job that you did there ! The only problem is that some of the songs are not available anymore on the site. I can send you a list, or could you put the titles in a zip somewhere ? that would be great, especially the Jelly Roll Morton ones

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