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New Purse

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I did some online shopping and got an awesome new purse in the mail the other day.  But there’s a mystery!  All the packaging on the purse was in Chinese.  The label plaque on the front says:  MEDE DE ITALY – CIANMI VEASRGE GOUTUAH….Via dei Cesa 16 Milano.   Google translate says the first part is Dutch, meaning “Also the Italy.”  Google translate says the next bit it actually Chinese, but offers no translation.  Finally, Via Dei Cesa 16 Milano is actually Italian.  It maps to a Via Antonio Cesari, 16.

There is no doorway for number 16 on Via Antonio Cesari, but there is some graphiti on the wall which reads:  Muri Puliti Popolo Muto – machine translated as “walls clean dumb people.”  …Or, could it be, dumb people clean walls?  There is a police station at Via Antonio Cesari, 20.

What does it all mean?

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