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Ode to felt tip pens

Ode to felt tip pens published on No Comments on Ode to felt tip pens

Sanford Expresso Porous Black Extra Fine Pens (Pack of 12)I’ve never lived in a place where getting art supplies from an actual art store was ever easy.  Or maybe I’ve just always been cheap.  You see, most of the ink pens that I use for my ink drawings are just regular office supply.  I’ve learned a lot about these pens – which ones bleed with water and what color of black they are, which ones last the longest, etc.

I was reminiscing about the kind of pens I most liked to find when I reminded myself that the sanford Expresso is no more.  These were awesome pens, sold by the box to offices everywhere.  They came in multiple colors, multiple tip sizes, lasted a good amount of time, and didn’t fray at the tip like other felt tip pens (erm, like expensive ones from the art store).

I mourn you sanford Expresso, and the last little supply I could get my hands on can never replace your presence in my office supply store.

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