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Ode to Shampoo

Ode to Shampoo published on No Comments on Ode to Shampoo

my husband and friends have heard my diatribe during my long and clumsy search of a new shampoo.  you see, I used to use herbal essences and then it changed formulas and everything had cocoa butter.  I mourned the loss of the herby tea like scents and grumbled over having to seek something else in the fruity cocoa buttery world of shampoo.  I don’t like the smell of the buttery.  anyway, long story kind of shorter, when I was in the drug store the other day I found this.  I didn’t know if it was back-stock found in a box somewhere or if the wonderful tea smelly herbaceous wonderment of hair care is coming back from the breach, but I bought it and will indulge my sense nostalgia to its fullest just the same.

lo and behold, when I got home I saw a commercial reminiscent of the original hair washing on the plane commercial from way back when.  Herbal Essences has heard my plea and this was no back-stock.  yes!

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