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Ohioans vs Floridians: a travel memoir

Ohioans vs Floridians: a travel memoir published on No Comments on Ohioans vs Floridians: a travel memoir

I went up to Ohio for a family reunion, and, though all my family komme aus Ohio for three or so generations now, I was surprised by differences in local customs I had never considered.

 Ohioans  Floridians
put french fries in their salads

have ice damaged roadways

have too many geese

have an ice cream shop on every corner

put fish on our salads

have road gators (e.g. truck tire tread)

have too many bugs

have a coffee shop on every corner

Outside of a conversation with a cousin on what road gators were, the things that vary the most about us seem to always be our eating habits.  I’ve never had french fries on my salad before, and I have no idea why the people of Ohio require so many ice cream shops in a cold climate.


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