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Comic posting!

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Levi Levi Chapter 3: Epic Problems at APPIC is posting! …every Thursday. I know it’s been a while, but the story of Levi’s adventures at the Amateur and Professional Private Investigator’s Conference is about to unfold.

Also starting up again are random comics on the Drawing board.  They will be posting intermittently on Tuesdays and have all sorts of sarcastic commentary on libraries and copyright, fooling around by Carmine and Vinny, and bits and blurbs from movies, songs, and books.

No Evil for Sale

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You can now own your very own copies of No Evil issues one and two!


No Evil issue one: Wherein we meet Clay Jackson, Ruby Sloan and Morton; three scarred and dysfunctional mediums who travel the country doing seances and spirit clearing at the behest of their boss, and carnival owner, Mr. Gary.

No Evil issue two – The Zombie: A co-production of yours truly and Richard of DoomedMovieThon. Richard sends our heroes, Clay, Ruby, and Morton to a little out of the way hotel to solve the mystery of an alarming and persistent zombie haunting.

Buy your copy of issues one and two at the LeEMSmachine Etsy store.

John Philip Sousa and the Fifth String

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In my quest for author voices I found that John Philip Sousa, great conductor and composer, had also penned an impassioned and oddly prophetic argument about phonograph music as a copyright infringement and a harbinger of the death of amateur music. Looking further, hoping to find more comments on copyright, I found that he had written fiction as well.

Can you imagine my surprise? Marching band legend, and writer of marches that permeate pomp, circumstance, cartoons and popular culture (who I recently found out is not as well known as I expected) was also a spinner of yarns! The Fifth String is a story that seems utterly familiar: a man going to impossible lengths to win the love of a lady, a quest to attain the unattainable, a deal with the devil, etc. The writing is perfectly engaging and walks at a pace that you might expect from a story published in 1902, and it is, every now and then, peppered with perfectly lovely imagery and delightful vocabulary:

“blinking-eyed cabs came up the avenue, looking at a distance like a trail of Megatheriums, gliding through the darkness”

Just in case you haven’t heard any Sousa, here is the March of the White Rose (not as ubiquitous as most, but I like the beginning):

life size marionette

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Marionetteschematic I’ve had this idea rattling about in my head for a long time.  The basis for this life-size, life-weight dummy would be a burlap or canvas sack filled mostly with saw dust.  The limbs and head would be solid wood.  Inside the body would be a network of chains and armature that would make the marionette move only the way a slack human body would move.

For example, when you or I tilt our head to the side very quickly the should that we are tilting away from starts to rise, lifting the arm a little.  If the head of a doll is just affixed at one point, perhaps as a socket joint like many popular dolls today, then it would be incapable of moving the way a human can.  Though the plan for this dummy has a solid piece of wood as the neck, it is joined in the sack of the body to chains that anchor it to the ‘rib’ armature in three places making sure that it’s movements are connected to the  movements of the chest and arm area.

This is only a snippet of how much I’ve thought about the mechanics of this thing.  And, as a full blown project, a life size project, I think it would creep me out too much to ever make it.  Though, perhaps a small sized mock-up?

Bunny revenge pattern

Bunny revenge pattern published on No Comments on Bunny revenge pattern

A little bunny revenge post Easter.  I worked up this pattern a very little while ago and did not know what to do with it.  Well, here you go…

The repeating image:


Just a thought

Just a thought published on No Comments on Just a thought

Is this your living room?

Is this your living room? published on No Comments on Is this your living room?

Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants published on No Comments on Fancy Pants

I’m wearing fancy lederhosen style pants today, so I’m bringing this back. Ya’ll don’t mind a repost do you?


Honeycomb published on No Comments on Honeycomb


Inspired by a song, but not quite a song comic:  Honey Comb… only slightly disturbing since all of her wonderful attributes are qualified by the fact that her head is a PIECE OF FOAM!

New Purse

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I did some online shopping and got an awesome new purse in the mail the other day.  But there’s a mystery!  All the packaging on the purse was in Chinese.  The label plaque on the front says:  MEDE DE ITALY – CIANMI VEASRGE GOUTUAH….Via dei Cesa 16 Milano.   Google translate says the first part is Dutch, meaning “Also the Italy.”  Google translate says the next bit it actually Chinese, but offers no translation.  Finally, Via Dei Cesa 16 Milano is actually Italian.  It maps to a Via Antonio Cesari, 16.

There is no doorway for number 16 on Via Antonio Cesari, but there is some graphiti on the wall which reads:  Muri Puliti Popolo Muto – machine translated as “walls clean dumb people.”  …Or, could it be, dumb people clean walls?  There is a police station at Via Antonio Cesari, 20.

What does it all mean?


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GYROJETS – You’re Never Nothing

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GYROJETS – You’re Never Nothing (art by yours truly)  is now available on Music.  You can listen to the album on bandcamp, but if you’re any kind of somebody you’re going to buy the CD.

Source: GYROJETS – You’re Never Nothing – Music

Your Never Nothing on Bandcamp


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From the library of congress WPA poster collection.

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