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Project rambling

Project rambling published on 2 Comments on Project rambling

I don’t know if you noticed that I have a few comics listed on the site that haven’t really started yet.  It’s kind of a commitment to the project.  If I tell someone I’m going to do it, then I have to live up to my side of the bargain.  That’s what this is, I’m going to ramble on about all these great ideas I have and that will mean that I’ll have to follow through eventually.  I am actively trying to limit myself to how many running projects I have at any one time.  I found that the relief and pride of getting one of them done is too good to delay by adding more commitments to the mix.

I will be finishing a couple more things before I get on with it, I mean with the other things I want to do.  The other stories I want to write.  Did I tell you that I usually think of my characters first and then make the story around them?  Maybe they aren’t completely thought out, but they’ve got flesh.  I’ve got so many stories racing through my head, gathering up so many characters, that I felt bad about abandoning them to dreamy memories.  So when I drew them I had to figure out a container to put them in so they wouldn’t get lost.  That container is a highschool.  Yup, at some point in time they all went to school, sorta.  Anyway, once I get some things scanned I’m going to start building an online (and expandable) yearbook so ya’ll can see the people who fall out of my head.

And in the midst of thinking up a highschool for all these people to live in, I figured out a great flashback story for Levi Levi.  It will explain how Annie became his book-keeper/office-manager type person.  And it will feature the time traveling twins Clement and Rosalie Skitt.  They’re up on the characters page, but did not yet have a story of their own.  Technically Levi Levi’s next chapter isn’t their story either…so I came up with one.  It will be a choose your own adventure type alternative format comic – which means I can’t put it up anywhere until it’s mostly figured out and drawn.  I mean, choose-your-own adventures don’t happen linearly so they can’t be doled out once a week.

And none of this has anything to do with my next huge comic idea:  The 22 Lives of Marcus Trapp.  This one actually requires research, so it’s slow going.  Just writing about all of these makes me excited about them all over again.


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