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Recipe – more things on toast

Recipe – more things on toast published on No Comments on Recipe – more things on toast

eggtomatopoachI mentioned before about making things on toast for dinner.  The distraction of looking for a house meant I only made two such meals before the mold came.  Obviously, it’s been a while since that happened; I’ve been keeping this post in my drafts while buying, packing and moving.  Yes.  I have a house!  And pretty soon, this blog will be replete with fix-its and design finishes…once I have a computer set up at home.

Anyway, back to the food.  My husband and I love the taste of this meal, but I hate to cook it since simmering tomato sauce is so messy.  If you are game, I suggest you try it:  poached eggs in tomato sauce on toast.  Here, with a side of steamed and buttered mustard greens.

I don’t really have a recipe for this.  Just fill a pot with enough tomato sauce to poach the eggs.  Add whatever seasoning you want.  Drop eggs in simmering sauce and keep simmering until they are as hard as you like them.  Ladle them on to toast and voila, you have a decadent tasting dinner.

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