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Recipes – cous-egg-gus

Recipes – cous-egg-gus published on No Comments on Recipes – cous-egg-gus

I was inspired to this by an honest to goodness recipe, or something, that I saw online during the days when I had enough time to look at food photo blogs.  Ah!  those were the days!  Anyway, I modified it a little and it is a solid ‘everyone loves it’ dinner for any time of year.

Ingredients:  Cous cous (I like the parmesan one though the original makes more), asparagus, eggs, parmesan cheese

Do:  get the cous cous started in a pot with the directions on the box and put the asparagus in a pan with some oil.  Saute saute saute the asparagus.  When the cous cous is done, add some parmesan cheese (even if you got the parmesan cheese one).  Dish on to plates.  Layer the sauteed asparagus on top of cous cous.  Now comes the tricky part.  I like to fry my eggs in the same pan I sauteed the asparagus with because I hate extra dishes.  This can require some finesse and has resulted in some smokey kitchens in my time.  You don’t have to use the same pan if you don’t want to – it might be less tricky to get the temperatures right.  Finally, layer fried egg on asparagus that already on cous cous and shake a liberal helping of parmesan on top.  There you have it.

I only gave it a name here because ‘egg on asparagus on cous cous with parmesan’ was too long for the title.  Oh, and I hear there are places in the states that cannot get asparagus year round, so my comment about any time of year could be incorrect.  I’m sorry for you if you cannot; that is a terrible state of affairs.

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