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Russian Ark

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It all started with a preview on a Netflix rental.  I was intrigued by the idea that a movie could be filmed through in one shot and all in the Russian gallery.  I figured the uniqueness of this alone would make it worth a rental, so I added  Russian Ark to the Netflix list.   Then it came, and because I figured that it’s only good attributes were the fluid camera work and the Russian gallery, I left it on the shelf for nearly a month because I couldn’t work up the wherewithal to sit down and take in an artsy movie.

I was horribly wrong.  The limitations of the single shot filming didn’t make any part of this movie tedious, as I feared it would.  Watching it was like dreaming, where you can only see where the dream is taking you.  The dialog and action were all completely engrossing and completely unexpected.   So, go watch it.

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