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Scary? naked witch

Scary? naked witch published on No Comments on Scary? naked witch

Okay, I don’t do the nude very much on the blog even though I draw it a lot.  Many great artworks depicting witches show them nude for several reasons.  Witches worshiped naked to have a closer connection with nature around them, to remove obstacles between themselves and magic.  The Garderian tradition of Wicca documented and brought nude worship practices to the public eye in the mid 20th century.  Critics of Wiccan covens of this time sometimes commented that the religion was only a smoke screen for nudity and lewd behaviors.  Nude depictions of witches were also used by more prudish sensibilities as way to show witches as evil and depraved.

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I wouldn’t want to run into this lady in the woods.  It’s that hair in the face thing….why is it so creepy?  Or is it just me?

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