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Seamless patterns

Seamless patterns published on No Comments on Seamless patterns

A little while ago I was playing around with seamless patterns–the manual way.  I had a few sketches hanging around in my folders and I finally got around to coloring this one today.

In case you didn’t know, the manual way of seamless patterns is to get yourself a square sheet of paper and draw on it.  Fill it up to the edges as much as you can.  Now cut your square into four squares and tape them back together so the top right square is on the bottom left, top left – bottom right, bottom right- top left and so on.  Then draw again.   Now scan.

The only problem I always run into is that I use cheap paper which inevitably warps and expands with the moisture of my hands while I’m drawing.  Thus I have no really perfect seamless patterns.  Shucks.

There are more here.

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