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Sigh published on No Comments on Sigh

I upgraded my webcomic installation and it stalled (perhaps because of the network I’m on or what else I was doing at the time).  So now, all the links to my comics are 404s.  All the pages are still there in my site, so I’ll get this settled sometime soon.

Guess it’s good that I was ending stuff up.  All the new comics will be fresh starts….and thinking of that.  I created a networked wordpress to test some work stuff.  Now that I have it, I could give some of my comics their own blogs – you know, instead of having them running in the back of my blog and showing up mixed in the rss feed.  I dunno.  Is this a good idea?  I have a couple of stories that I know are going to continue and grow…

Stuff to think on.

Broken pages.


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