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Sock Dreams

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Years ago, when I wore clogs and Birkenstocks under my slightly too long jeans, I loved socks.  I had them all, fuzzy, toe-socks, rainbow, argyle and chunky knits.  Then I changed my whole style; started wearing skirts instead of pants, and suddenly, my sock collection didn’t quite work.  I needed knee socks, or over the knee socks, or tights or fancy secret lingerie for my feet.  And I wasn’t going to find them.

I got lucky a couple of times in the sock section of mainstream retail stores, but soon, I couldn’t find anything that would cover my fat calves.  Partly because I’m a big girl and partly because I really enjoyed the calf rosie machine at my highschool, my calves are about 18.5 inches round the middle.  No store around here was going to help me rekindle my sock love and buying online was too risky, what with not being able to do any type of stretch test.  Enter Sock Dreams – Unique Comfy Colorful Sexy Socks.

I found Sock Dreams while searching for tights.  I figured there had to be a pair of tights out there that were more like footed leggings than sausage casings.  I mean, that’s what hosiery feels like to me when hopping into it in the morning:  sausage casings.  My search lead me to Sock Dreams where I not only found the closest thing to footed leggings I could imagine (Signature Cotton Tights by Foot Traffic), but also knee highs and over the knees that could accommodate my fat calves.

But selection isn’t what makes Sock Dreams so amazing.  Almost every pair of socks, stockings and tights on Sock Dreams has a descriptive blurb about how well the socks fit on a variety of models, how much they stretch and whether they stay up or no.  Sock Dreams  does the stretch test for you!  My first shopping trip was like wandering through wonderland, and my first delivery was fast, fitting, and perfect.  If you love socks, if you’ve never found the right sock, if you are skinny or curvy, Sock Dreams will have something you will love.  That is all.

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