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Some thoughts on Murder She Wrote

Some thoughts on Murder She Wrote published on 1 Comment on Some thoughts on Murder She Wrote

Yup, that’s right.  It has been my go to background show for all things packing and unpacking and now I’ve just become addicted to it.

NCIS-ers, remember when Timmy got sent to that women’s prison and then trapped in a riot where the only way to keep the peace is for him to solve the murder before the authorities busted everything up?  Jessica did it first – with Adrienne Barbeau, no less!  So maybe, Jessica solved an Amish murder after Harrison Ford, but she did it before Neve Campbell!  She’s uncovered toxic waste, helped Russians defect, gone to the circus, stood in as the madame of a brothel, run afoul of MI6, foiled a voodoo curseteamed up with Magnum P.I. and she even has a look-a-like Irish twin! 

If it’s a murder mystery or a slasher movie plot, Jessica has done it:  murders at a snowed in ski lodge, anyone?  Hauntings by an executed witch?  And, I’m only up to season 7; there are 12 of these duders!  I wonder why I hadn’t been paying attention when Mom and I used to watch Murder She Wrote every week.  I am waiting for aliens, ’cause they’ve just got to be coming.

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