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still brainstorming house colors

still brainstorming house colors published on No Comments on still brainstorming house colors

The more time I have to mull over something the more I consider  other options.  There is a pretty, new, bright blue paint job on a house two blocks away that caught my eye and I realized how crisp blue houses always stand out in a neighborhood.  Then, a friend questioned my decision to avoid green (though I love it) because the gorgeously kept house across the street was green.  I would lean more to the avocado than the neighbors.  I like how the house seems to rise from the grass in that picture.  I also started playing around with a more obvious color variation for the chimney.  Why not, right?

Added to these mock-ups is a firming idea that I want to paint the slanted brick sills to look like slanted brick sills again.  The front door alcove is tiled in a terracotta color, so it would carry those red tones through the rest of the exterior.  This would be something I could do before painting the whole house, as is getting a screen-door insert from Old Florida Retro or Hip Haven.  Our screen door is probably original, but it is very simple.

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