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Here we will answer the age old question:  what can you possibly mix with J&B?  There are plenty of suggestions in bar books, but none have really flown in my household.  When taking on a Giallo marathon we were stuck, once again, with finding a drink to make out of the famously Giallo J&B.  We came up with:


  • Finger of J&B (thus its name)
  • splashes of Canton (ginger liquor) – maybe even a shot of it
  • squirt lemon juice
  • ginger beer – for the rest of the glass.  The more, the weaker the drink.

A finger, by the way is when you have your hand wrapped about the bottom of a rocks glass so that your fingers make measurement lines up the side of the glass.  This drink also works with Becherovka – a crazy bitter slavic drink that also doesn’t taste good mixed with anything.



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