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25 Lives of Marcus Trapp – coming soon

25 Lives of Marcus Trapp – coming soon published on No Comments on 25 Lives of Marcus Trapp – coming soon

I’ve got the line-up, and believe you me it was not very easy getting all this laid out. Before I could come up with such a simple list I had to do some major studying up on my history.  If you’ve been following along with any of my other project posts then you may have noticed that the original title ’22 Lives of Marcus Trapp’ has been changed to 25 lives.  I started with #1, actually I started with #2, and ended up with more lives then planned for.  25 rhymes with lives, so it still sounds good.

  1. Tian Ma 279-251 BC
  2. Trappimus Marcus 248-216 BC
  3. Marcos Ptatat 190-164 BC
  4. Tarquinius Marcos 55-81 BC
  5. Marius Thracius 7-69 AD
  6. Marco Tarpeius 105-160 AD
  7. Marut 210-243 AD
  8. Mulac 359-410 AD
  9. Marrok Apgwyn 446-477 AD
  10. Mattaki 550-648 AD
  11. Masaru 693-760 AD
  12. Musa Ibn Thabit 820-851 AD
  13. Mar Tysson 958-978 AD
  14. Morcant 1058-1083 AD
  15. Gansükh Tömörbaatar 1187-1223 AD
  16. Girrafe 1250-1262 AD
  17. Marceau Tasse 1301-1349 AD
  18. Markus Pfaff 1455-1525 AD
  19. Mason Trask 1544-1594 AD
  20. Mary Tarr 1595-1602 AD
  21. Morten Sorensen 1602-1644 AD
  22. Mark Trapper 1743-1775 AD
  23. Marcus Trappe 1775-1816 AD
  24. Marcus Trapp 1836-1939 AD
  25. Marianne Trap 1980-2008 AD

Is this enough of a teaser?  Do you wonder what I’m going to do with all this?

Mini-comics day success

Mini-comics day success published on No Comments on Mini-comics day success

Well I succeeded in drawing out a mini-15 page story about a memory I have of going to Weeki Wachee water park as a kid.  I am fairly certain they couldn’t get away with a rope swing into the river any more.  I think the days of condoned childhood danger are over.  And that makes no sense to you because you haven’t seen the story yet!  Don’t worry.  I am going to load it up and run it from my Comic page.  Look back for it next week – I want to give some time to get the finished product in the mail for those that requested it.

Mini-comic day going going going

Mini-comic day going going going published on No Comments on Mini-comic day going going going

The cover for my min-comic.  I am assembling as I type.  Well…not really, I can’t assemble and type at the same time.  But, I’ll be assembling as soon as I stop typing and I was doing some assembling before I began typing.  Yes.

Need a sandwich.


IT’S MINI COMICS DAY!!!! published on No Comments on IT’S MINI COMICS DAY!!!!

And after a hard morning of chores I am GO!


Calendar published on No Comments on Calendar

I went in search of a calendar plug-in because I wanted help remembering when mini-comics day was and the next challenge and the next.  While filling it out I tried to gather up every call for comics that I could locate with due dates that hadn’t past since I like those challenges too.  It irks me that there’s no place where these are gathered up.  If I were more active in forums I suppose I’d be more informed; if I could find the right forum.  But oh well.  I have a calendar now.  And it has links to places I found while searching.

Fairy tale anthology try outs

Fairy tale anthology try outs published on 1 Comment on Fairy tale anthology try outs

Hey, I am currently waiting with baited breath to hear if my submission to GuruKitties ‘Once Upon a Time’ Fairy Tale comic anthology will be accepted.  I put in a piece for the cover art as well.

This dude here is my wolf.  Surprised right?  – that I could choose a fairy tale with a wolf character in it?  I mean, it’s not as if you couldn’t toss a rock in the land of fairy tales and hit a story with a wolf in it.

Anyway, I hope I hope I hope I get into it.  I’m tired of all this success publishing articles and chapters professionally as a librarian.  I want some success publishing as a comicker!  I’m just kidding, I’m not tired of professional publishing success, but I do want some art/comicking/novelist publishing success too.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Dinner challenge turned recipe

Dinner challenge turned recipe published on No Comments on Dinner challenge turned recipe

Ok, the challenge was:  a variety of chicken things from various dinner stops at the Fresh Market.  That is, LEFTOVERS.  And I hate it when food goes to waste, I mean really.  People make fun of me for how upset I get when food is wasted in my house.

So there was chicken from inside a chicken Ceasar wrap, market chicken salad (really nice big pieces of chicken without much goop), and chopped chicken liver.  There were also some eggs to be used and a half bag of frozen homemade stuffing in the freezer from previous left overs. (the stuffing was crazy heavy on carrots and celery which is the reason for the picture)

The solution:  mix it all up into a big chicken parts stuffing cake and EAT IT.  And serve it to others to eat.  Mix it is what I did, in a big old bowl and used the eggs for binder before spooning it into a greased casserole dish. Then I topped with some seasoned bread crumbs and baked at 350 until I smelled all the ingredients and the bread crumbs were browned.

Verdict:  success!  it was well received and loved – enough to get its own name and maybe be repeated again.  But honestly, how often am I going to have frozen leftover stuffing, chicken salad, chicken bits, and chicken liver on hand to make it?

Dinner Challenge

Dinner Challenge published on No Comments on Dinner Challenge

Ok, so I had too much yogurt – at least I thought I did, though the other inhabitants of my house assured me it’d get eaten before it went bad.  Yeah, ok.  The challenge was something savory for dinner that used the yogurt along with some of the other things in the house.  The solution (hypothesized) was a recipe-less palak paneer.  That’s cheesy spinach curry for those of you who have never had the awesomeness.

So, I put a little less than half a big tub of greek yogurt into a pot with two cans of spinach some curry, some extra cumin and garlic salt, and then, later in the cooking, some cubes of feta cheese (most definitely not the usual palak paneer cheese).

The result…DUN DUN DUN… was that it was ‘not overly spiced’ which resulted in a very ‘strong spinach flavor.’  But then he hadn’t gotten to the cheese yet.  And it looked just like the real thing.  Yay, yogurt used and a bit of left-overs that I am more than happy to eat ’cause I liked it.

Eaten along side brown rice and fried eggs.

Planning out the challenges

Planning out the challenges published on 1 Comment on Planning out the challenges

Dunno if you’ve noticed, but I like to commit to crazy creative challenges.  I keep finding out about ones that have just passed without my knowlege (like hourly comics day).  So in an attempt to miss as few as possible, I’m planning.

Inktober – an ink drawing a day throughout October:  no pencils, no erasers.

24 hour comics day – registration open in June.  This was a crazy day to get through the first time I did it, but I ended up drawing a story I probably would never have come up with otherwise.

NaNoWriMo – November writing challenge.  I’ve signed up every year since I first heard about it in 2008.  I have only won twice.  There is something magical about having a quest, a goal, a crusade to throw yourself into the moment you get home from work.

Jason Turner Project or Page 100 – where you make a comic of the 100th page of a favorite book.  I was so excited about this I rushed to my book room to grab one of my childhood favorites and realized that I’ll probably have to re-read the thing in order to get it right.

Allison Lehman’s 30 Day drawing challenge – I was looking around for more challenges and I found this.  I like the list and the idea of compiling a challenge of one’s own.  So the months outside of October and November are prime for this.

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