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Burke and Boogie from Leftovers

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Burke and Boogie from Leftovers, another comic trapped in the planning stages, but I swear I will get there.

A little something different

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Girls003Richard of DM says these don’t look anything like my other characters…And I tried some new ideas on the sketch-color-line process.  I like how it came out.  I am not sure who they are, but when I find out I’ll let you know.

Young Levi sketch

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Super hero Annie

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I said more to come, and here it is.  Super side-kick Annie.

Super heros

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LeviLevi008 Clement&Rosalie003

Remember how I said I’d been watching a lot of superhero movies?  Of, course you do, it was just a couple days ago!  So, of course, I’ve been drawing super heroes.  And I’ve been drawing my own characters as super heroes.  Here are some.

I imagined that if Levi Levi were a super hero he would be kind of like Captain America.  If Clement and Rosalie Skitt were super heroes, they would be from an alternate time line where, instead of creating a time machine, they figured out a way to augment their own bodies with super powers.  Crazy science kids, you gotta love ’em.

More to come…

more Buffalo Chucks

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Aren’t they great?!  I, maybe consciously, modeled Lola on a Dolly Parton/Christina Aguilera love child.  Marx is totally Rosario Dawson.  And I’m not sure I had an image in mind when I was drawing Vertigo.  Her attitude is modeled on a dear friend of mine, but not her looks.

BuffaloChucks003  Lola002

Fashion play

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Drawing a bunch of characters in indulgent Victorian inspired outfits.


Girl Bands and the Buffalo Chucks

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So, I like things like JEM and the Holograms, and the massively under-appreciated Josie and the Pussycats.  There’s something about girl bands battling evil that is too fun not to love.  Thus, my own girl band, who may or may not end up fighting evil:  The Buffalo Chucks.  Right now they are kind of like Josie in an Archie and Jughead crowd scene, but just you wait!

And, in the meantime, check out a webcomic that embodies all that too:  Band vs. Band by Kathleen Jacques.  You will not be disappointed.   

Levi Levi and Annie

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Hey, I found these pics of Levi and Annie from my unfortunate scan batch that I am too lazy to correct rather than put more work into them to get a different look entirely.  Been watching a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories of all sorts.


Misa published on No Comments on Misa

First conception of Misa, now fully introduced in Levi Levi.

King Levi

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Pages are coming, I promise.  I was drawing them last night even.  Or, it – I was drawing it.  I need to draw more and then ink and then scan and there will be more Levi Levi.


Sin from Unlikely Bedfellows

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more annie

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some annie

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On my Brain

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I tested out both The Brain and FreeMind last weekend and I’m still trying to brainstorm up more ways to use the software.   The Brain is shown above with all my stuff in it.  I like the expanded view (shown) the best because it looks like some kind of biological chaos.  I also really like the ability to link ‘thoughts’ to documents or web pages and then link them together regardless of their hierarchy.  Instead of a standard tree branch formation you can actually have crossing branches.  This would have come in handy when I was researching genealogy (for an unnamed family) and got stuck with that one generation with marriages between two couples of first cousins.  Ok, yeah, it was my family.  But it was so long ago I doubt it has any bearing on my mental capacities.  I really like  The Brain for file and project management.

FreeMind is a little different and a lot less chaotic looking.  It is more of a standard tree branch set up.  I’ve used it hear to get a visual representation of my characters.  What you don’t see in this snapshot is that each little circle at the end of a line either expands to more tree branches or (in the case of names) expands to a full character description/bio and picture.  The arrows show cross-overs of characters between story-lines.  I’m currently using FreeMind to mock up my next choose-your-own adventure story.  So I recommend both.

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