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Newly for sale!

Newly for sale! published on No Comments on Newly for sale!

Available now in my Etsy shop are my witches trading cards. Each of the 42 cards features the portrait of an accused or admitted witch or witch collaborator. Card backs feature biographical information and trivia.

Also newly available in my Etsy shop is Levi Levi and the Time Machine, the second chapter of Levi Levi.

No Evil page up!

No Evil page up! published on No Comments on No Evil page up!

And this is the end of No Evil Chapter Two: the Zombie written by Richard Schmidt of art and characters by LeEtta Schmidt.  It has been a pleasure working with Richard on this. …

Source: your act – The LeEMS Bean

Amazing comic: OUT OF SKIN

Amazing comic: OUT OF SKIN published on No Comments on Amazing comic: OUT OF SKIN

OUT OF SKIN by Emily Carroll is a beautiful and haunting online comic.  Go see it please and check out the many more comics on her site.

The Webcomic List or where to find webcomics

The Webcomic List or where to find webcomics published on No Comments on The Webcomic List or where to find webcomics

I ran into this a while ago, when I was searching for webcomics and webcomic social areas online.  I must admit, at the time I did not give it the attention it deserved.

The Webcomic List is an index of webcomics, but its more than that.  It automatically scrapes the web for updates on all the comics people have added to the index.  And, the best part…which I really didn’t know until I returned to it just recently…if you create an account and mark some favorites it will recommend more comics for you.  See:

recommendThis is especially important if, like me, you find yourself kickin around the interweb looking for something new to gawk at.

But lets not fool ourselves by thinking that the Webcomic list is the only such engine out there.

Belfry webcomics index   isn’t just a list and recommendation machine, it is also a forum and has an area where members can share reviews of comics.

Komix! also indexes webcomics and provides a way for users to bookmark their place in each comic they are reading.

Comic Rocket also offers bookmarking by importing the entire site of a webcomic within a frame that keeps track of the last page read and any pages the reader has saved.

And let us not forget webcomic hosting sites like smackjeeves, where webcomickers without sites of their own, or perhaps to tap into the community, can post.  Webcomic hosting platforms often come with a rating mechanism, track most popular comics, and include forums for discussion.  I mention only one here; be aware, there are many.  So go forth and read comics.

Marcus Trapp

Marcus Trapp published on No Comments on Marcus Trapp

MarcusTrapp002You may have begun to wonder what was happening to good old Marcus Trapp.  The idea has not vanished.  In fact, it may end up being my magnum opus.   One of the things on my list of to dos for Marcus Trapp was some site artwork.  How do you like it?  It’s kind of hard to draw a character who will look completely different every time he is re-incarnated.  I should give him a birthmark and incorporate that into some site artwork too.  I mean, a comic ‘s got to have a logo.

Marketing me

Marketing me published on No Comments on Marketing me

I was talking with a wonderful and wise friend who’s first thought on seeing my newly printed stack of Levi Levi and the Monster Girls’ School zine was that I should have a table at a comic-con or some such.  And I thought, ‘if I were to have a table I would probably need to print up the first chapters of No Evil and Unlikely Bedfellows as well as have some flyers and whatnots so people could remember who I was.’

Well, I haven’t booked a table and I haven’t made any more printing orders, but I have ordered Levi Levi stickers, LeEMS business cards, and made some mini-flyers:

flyer2 flyer1
I’m getting those fabulous double sided business cards. Upper left of the below is the front with three different back designs.  They are fabulous!

business cards

Guess what came in the mail yesterday

Guess what came in the mail yesterday published on No Comments on Guess what came in the mail yesterday


And guess what is now for sale on my shop?  Come on!  Do you need me to spell it out for you?  Levi Levi Chapter One:  The Long Assignment and the Wyvern School for Girls Yearbook 1978 are now available for purchase in the LeEMS store.


Young Levi sketch

Young Levi sketch published on No Comments on Young Levi sketch


The printing order

The printing order published on No Comments on The printing order

MonsterGirlsprintpreview LL1printpreview

Are you excited?  Edited for printing pages of the Wyvern School for Girls 1978 Year book and Levi Levi (1) the Long Assignment are at the printers.  Levi Levi took a lot more work than I thought, and I have now permanently memorized the fonts:  Showcard Gothic, Pupcat, and Free Script.

I should be writing font selection down whenever I create a cover or look for a comic but I always forget.

Anyway!  once I get the volumes in the mail (Aug 19, if I didn’t mess up editing the pages), they will be available for purchase in my Etsy store (it’s so terribly empty right now; I’ll link the store on the main navigation once I stock it).

Super heros

Super heros published on No Comments on Super heros

LeviLevi008 Clement&Rosalie003

Remember how I said I’d been watching a lot of superhero movies?  Of, course you do, it was just a couple days ago!  So, of course, I’ve been drawing super heroes.  And I’ve been drawing my own characters as super heroes.  Here are some.

I imagined that if Levi Levi were a super hero he would be kind of like Captain America.  If Clement and Rosalie Skitt were super heroes, they would be from an alternate time line where, instead of creating a time machine, they figured out a way to augment their own bodies with super powers.  Crazy science kids, you gotta love ’em.

More to come…

Comic book heroes

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Richard of DoomedMoviethon and I have been watching a lot of DC animated movies.  Not so much Marvel – I think they’re better at live action (though maybe we haven’t found the right one).  These activities reawakened in me the desire for an illustrated character manual…lo and behold my purchase.

Sigh.  I suppose I didn’t expect competing comic companies to release an exhaustive compendium together, and I am still missing the cadre of Image characters, but this will have to do.  (…actually it does really well and I’m crazy excited and won’t let these books wander far from the coffee table).

Levi Levi and the Time Machine

Levi Levi and the Time Machine published on No Comments on Levi Levi and the Time Machine


I promise, Levi Levi and the Time Machine will be back to posting every Thursday very very soon.  I am almost doing only normal things everyday at home instead of unpacking, hanging pictures, and tripping over the tool box.  In the meantime, I give you some cover art.


Ono published on No Comments on Ono


Some sexy outfits for Ono of Unlikely Bedfellows.  And I need to figure out a better comic script for that page.

Levi Levi news

Levi Levi news published on No Comments on Levi Levi news

LeviLevi009So,…how’re you doin’?

I am currently preparing the first chapter of Levi Levi:  Anything You Need for Hire for printing.  That’s right.  There will be, out there in the world, physical copies of Levi Levi comic for sale (in my Etsy shop).  Can you dig it?

While thinking about this printing Levi Levi thing I realized that I have a few 1st chapters and collections that would make a good printing themselves.  I’ll be printing up the Monster Girl’s School zine too.  Richard of DoomedMoviethon thinks I am underestimating demand since I got a quote for only 15 of these…I could always get more printed if they go quick.

The Cartoon Crier

The Cartoon Crier published on No Comments on The Cartoon Crier

The Cartoon Crier, shared on ISSU, is a gorgeous comic magazine and far far from any semblance of a funny paper:

“Sorrow and woe is the focus of this free 36-page newspaper tabloid that highlights the work of The National Cartoonists Society members and of The Center for Cartoon Studies’ community.”

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