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Levi Levi pg 40

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More More More

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Alright kiddies.  I had an epiphany–I greatly dislike manual upkeep on an rss feed, which is what I was doing for Levi Levi ever since I took it off of it’s old blog platform years ago.  Combine that with the guilt I’ve been feeling about not regularly updating the Bean and voila! — a new website for my projects means a new life for the Bean.  While there will still be some consumption commentary, the Bean will be more about production.

I mean, it only makes sense yeah?  The Bean is my bean, and since I’ve been more into making things than taking things it should be too.

This is my idea:  this fancy new blogging platform makes it easy to offer multiple feeds out of one blog.  Sooooooo, the Bean will make my comic feeds for me.  So far, I’ve listed the currently production ready comics as their own ‘subscribe to’ links over on the right.  Updates on the Bean will happen before updates to the comic pages themselves–but the pages won’t be too far behind.

I love feeds, they’re awesome!

This new roll-out comes complete with a little more of comics that I’d only touched on in my previous web site release.   Well, those pages are expanded now too, as I’ve just updated the web site again.    No Evil and Flip Side are underway, along with upcoming pages for Levi Levi.  Soon to follow is Left Overs.


Comic updates

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 Alright, so this blog has become very different than what it started out being.  I used to have time to consume as much creative things as I created, and so I originally used this space to talk about the awesome things I had found out.  But now, I don’t–though I seem to be creating more.  Drawing ‘s like therapy you know.

Anyway, I found these four already drawn pages of Levi Levi hiding out in a little sketch book while I was cleaning and luckily, they fit in with the story I had been drawing besides.

Oh, and the action comic that I called action comic because I didn’t have a name for it now has a name:  Unlikely Bedfellows.  Yes, it has a name, and many many pages that are drawn and inked.  I do not yet know how I am going to share them.


Looky Looky

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Ok, so I didn’t manage to get anywhere close to my goals for NaNoWriMo and then I just vanished off the face of the internets for a little while.  I’ve been a little busy, what can I say.  But of all the creative things that I should have been doing, one thing I have kept up with is drawing.  I’ve been drawing lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Mostly comics.  I’ve got six?–yeah, I think six, comics going right now.  See those people in the picture–they’re from my action comic–so named because I haven’t thought of a name for it.  I was inspired to draw this story when I dreamed about the lady with a bunch of eyes shooting me in the head.

I am considering putting this up on the site page by page like Levi Levi, but perhaps I need to be better about making actual updates before I do that… Oh, there’s a new Levi Levi page up today too.

Once I stall on my six comics I will most likely kick myself in the butt and write on one of my five stories.  Or I could even get back to writing here more often too.  Maybe I should just write my stories here…

K, bye.

The New Levi Levi – yeah still the same comic

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So, confession:  I haven’t written for a week, but I am totally justified, yeah?  Anyway–I got some time to compute for a little today and guess what I did?–I didn’t write.

Instead, drumroll please, I finally erected a new page for my Levi Levi comic–complete with new Levi Levi picture.  So, it’s kind of simple and I haven’t gotten the rss feed working right, but it is so much more of what I wanted than the blog I had him on before.

If only I could count code towards my NaNoWriMo word count. Wink


This is the comic that I built

NaNoWriMo:  National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month is upon us!

Heart to heart

National Novel Writing Month Finally!


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