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When will Levi Levi return?

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He’s thinking about it right now…

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2: Squirrel You Know It’s True

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2: Squirrel You Know It’s True published on No Comments on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2: Squirrel You Know It’s True

I was at a comic shop for Valentines day because that is what nerds do, and I found The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  The cover was fun, so I picked it up.  The back promised cameos from the Marvel Universe of characters that I was familiar with.  I was in a buying mood.  I bought.  And. I. Was. Not. Disappointed.

First, sometimes I have a love hate with comics because so many of them require you to have and have read the 89 to 500 issues that come before.  The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl didn’t require such fore-study from me.  It launched into a world where everyone was making up their own stories and so it didn’t matter that, as I found while reading, I was not actually starting at the beginning of the squirrel girl story.

Image (10)

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is smart, and in a world of superheroes, Squirrel Girl seems like a super girl who became super on her own. You know, like us regular Joes and Joanns dream of.  Sure Squirrel Girl can talk to squirrel’s, but all her super rocking fighting comes from practice (again, just read volume 2, so if I am totally incorrect here I apologize).   To top it all off, she has a friend and supporter who says totally librarian friendly stuff about the internet.  And she says it with a ginormous monster in the background.  Any comic who calls out the internet for being 85% misinformation and a bunch of mom tricks that don’t work is a forever favorite of mine.

Smells Like Library by Tommy Kovac

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smells like library

On my last indie comics mining trip in Etsy I bought:  Smells Like Library v. 2 Funny Library Comics from the tommykovac Etsy store.   Afterwards, I carried around the awesome bookmark it came with to remind me to talk about this a little more.

If you didn’t know, librarians are a diverse and often creative group who love creative stuff about libraries (and cats, but besides the point).  Tommy Kovac makes and writes wonderful creative stuff about libraries.

Besides comics you can buy through his Etsy store and comics you can read on his site, he also has a blog that Smells Like Library.  Go and breathe in.

No Evil: the Zombie

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Hello Everyone!  I have another comic announcement:  Richard of, has written the second chapter of No Evil:  The Zombie.  It will be posting on Tuesdays from now on until it’s done.  Check it out!

A love song

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If you are a connoisseur of the LeEMS Bean RSS feed, then you already know that Kayt Ahnberg and myself have penned a song with the full intention of playing and recording it ourselves.  In the mean time the Buffalo Chucks sing it you in an eight page color comic on the Drawing Board!

Posting Fridays.


Alliester and MacCallister

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 Allow me to introduce you to Aliester Bean and Sean McAllister of the Aliester & McAllister detective agency.  You may have recognized them from the movie advertizement on Levi’s conference brochure.  They are a little more attracted to money and fame than you would expect from private investigators.  Through elbow rubbing and persistence, they landed their own movie and an amount of popularity that makes them immediately unpopular with most other private detectives.  You’ll see more of them in Levi Levi Chapter 3:  epic problems at APPIC.


Jem, superhero

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There’s been talk about Jem and the Holograms, the movie and the comic re-visitation by IDW.  Jem is near and dear to my childhood heart and a solid evening filler from my DVD shelves.  ‘Trick or Techrat‘ is on our list of Halloween viewing every year, so I felt a little compelled to add my voice to the cacophony over the movie trailer’s laying out a to-be-successful-and-like-yourself-you-must-become-someone-else story without actual holograms.

I could re-iterate arguments on how the original Jem was empowering and the movie looks anything but, however, in thinking about just what about Jem was most important, I made an amazing discovery!  Jem is the pink fashion plate Batman of superheroes!  Consider, for one reason or another both Jem and Batman have to adopt alter egos.  They do so with pretty amazing technology and run around fighting bad people and protecting children.  They are both orphans, live in mansions, and have pretty successful real life identities.  Because of their complicated issues, alter egos included, they are ridiculously bad at romance.

Now, who would go to watch a movie about how Bruce Wayne get’s a lifestyle coach in order to come out of his shell and finally have a good relationship with his sweetheart?  No, Bruce Wayne’s story is great because of Batman.  And Batman isn’t just a handle Bruce uses on his fitness and training discussion boards, Batman is the costumed, tech-ed out, fighter of evil doers and symbol of justice.

Similarly Jem isn’t just make-up and a costume that a paralyzed performer puts on to get through the day.  Jem is a hologram extended to the entire band, misdirection that foils enemy plots, and a message to women and children a like to “Believe in Yourself,” and “Share a Little Bit of Yourself” because “Love Unites Us” and “We Can Make a Difference;”  “You Already Know” that you are “Truly Outrageous.” (Wikipedia)

Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back

Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back published on 2 Comments on Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back

detectivesconferencebrochure1 detectivesconferencebrochure2

And lest you think all those conference sessions were just ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,’ and ‘because detective-story-nerds:’

Key Note:  “The Evolution and Unending Applicability of Private Investigation”
Key Note Speakers:  Aleister Bean and Sean McCallister from the Aleister McCallister Detective Agency and stars of the new movie A Million Ways to Kill Your Lover, opening Thursday and followed by a pre-conference cocktail hour.
*Social Night on Friday sponsored by Blue Moon Detective Agency and Hart Industries

Jessica Fletcher -“How to Survive Becoming the Victim in Your Investigation”
Not all investigations can be conducted without coming under the scrutiny of the very person you are investigating.  This scrutiny, obvious or not, can interfere with your investigation and create a danger to you.  In this session, learn methods of assessing your position in your own investigation and minimizing personal risk without giving up your footing on a case.

D.C.I. Barnaby -“How to Solve the Case with Critical Thinking and Delegation”
Learn how to apply efficiency of action to your detective work and maximize the use of all resources and staff in order to minimize personal stresses and reach a timely conclusion.

Harry Dresden -“Using Unconventional Methods While Working with Diverse Cultures and Interests”
Learn how to adopt new and unconventional methods to succeed when dealing with challenging and unconventional clients and partners.  How flexibility and continued professional development will save your skin in a scrape.

Hetty Wainthropp -“Retirement, Family, and Business:  balancing the demands of the female investigator”
Private investigating as a woman comes with unique obstacles and challenges.  Examine what the cases of successful female investigators, like Phryne Fisher, Ms. Marple and Sally Lockheart, can teach us about managing life’s pressures while solving our cases.

Jonathan Quayle Higgins III -“Managing the Private Investigator in Exotic Locales”
Private investigators must be self sufficient, self starters.  The nature of the work eschews reliable communication and location. Yet they must be managed like any other employee, are prone to the same amounts of distraction, and subject to increased levels of danger specific to the environment and culture.  Learn tips on managing investigators with focus on exotic locations.

J. Constantine -“Dangerous Partnerships for Ultimate Ends”
Cultivating and tending relationships with dangerous people in order to build a network that will help you out of any jam.

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Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again

Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again published on 1 Comment on Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again


Okay, there are a couple in there that are not from Etsy, but Etsy is an excellent place to find excellent indie comics.  And find I did…

As You Were, an anthology comic available through Silver Sprocket

Best Day Ever by Sammy Borras

Bunny Behavior and Tigris & Vulpes by Lindsey Green

Minutiae by Aijung Kim

Monster Heart mini comic from Brogan Coral Kingsley

Poor Mick from Kat Martin‘s Etsy shop

Werebears and Only Children Minicomic from the Werebears shop of Jennifer Barrett

Whisper Grass a side comic of the Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver

Witchling by Renee Nault

The Secret is Murder – posting on Tumblr

The Secret is Murder – posting on Tumblr published on No Comments on The Secret is Murder – posting on Tumblr

Yup, Levi Levi is on hiatus, but the Levi Levi mini comic ‘The Secret is Murder’ is posting on Tumblr RIGHT NOW.  What?  You say you’ve never heard/red/seen it before?  That’s ’cause it’s never been on the internets.  Only a few very special people with paper in their hands know The Secret is Murder!

Check out the first posting:  The first of my bonus Levi Levi story from… | ALL ABOUT LEVI LEVI.

The Transpacific Partnership| Economix Comix

The Transpacific Partnership| Economix Comix published on No Comments on The Transpacific Partnership| Economix Comix

So, I’ve mentioned TPP before, and I’m sure I’ve advertized my love of educational comics.  Of course I love Economix:  How our economy works (and doesn’t work) in words and pictures.  And economics is important because it has a lot to do with trade and intellectual property laws, laws that often include strange little bits about internet monitoring, whether people own what they buy, and how much the government and other organizations can snoop on the casual consumer through what they buy. Included in the book is a nifty segment on TPP:


The Hourly Comic

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I almost forgot, February 1st is hourly comic day, and February 1st is this Saturday.  Even though I’ve done a few 24 hour comic day and Mini comics day, I’ve always missed/forgotten about hourly comic day.  Well, not this year!  If hourly comic day is news to you there is an overview on know your meme.

Here’re John Campbell describing The Hourly Comic:


hello on february first a bunch of people make a journal comic every hour they are awake. and then they show these journal comics to other people on the internet

we will see how different people spend their day.


-for every hour that you are awake on february first (that’s february first for whatever time zone you happen to be in), you make a comic describing something about the past hour. maybe you ate some cereal? maybe your mother called and screamed long and low until her voice gave out

-say you wake up at 7am. make a comic some time before it becomes 8am. then after 8am, make a comic before it becomes 9am. it is pretty simple.

Memory Palace Comic! “A Gas Gas Gas”

Memory Palace Comic! “A Gas Gas Gas” published on No Comments on Memory Palace Comic! “A Gas Gas Gas”

I love history and legend in comic form, so the post:  Memory Palace Comic! “A Gas Gas Gas” at Boing Boing completely captivated me.  Wouldn’t you know, it’s based on a podcast:   the memory palace.

I have danced around podcasts.  For the most part, I don’t save any part of my day for audio entertainment that actually requires concentration (music is easy).  I never cared for talk radio and podcasts just seemed like more of the same.  Yet, I am contrarily attracted to old radio shows.  And more and more I am encountering podcasts that I might just have to listen to.  I’ll probably do a list sometime.  Would you like a list?

printing addiction

printing addiction published on 3 Comments on printing addiction

I never knew how much I needed to have physical volumes of my comics until I made a print order.  They are so much more real now…I can put them on my shelves and begin filling a library full of me!  I realized after Levi Levi Chapter One and the Monster Girl’s School Zine came in the mail that I have many more finished chapters and comics living ethereal lives in digital form.


I printed up the short comics of the lot myself:  Lighthousemen of Eilean Mor, Death Goes to Octoberfest, Grimm’s The Wolf and 7 Kids, and Flip Side.  These are really just mock ups, but don’t they look pretty with Levi Levi and the Monster Girls?  Ooh, and my Levi Levi stickers came yesterday.

Tattoo is my choose your own adventure story, also a mock up.  I sew bound it with some glue support but then cheated and used duct tape to cover the spine.

Perhaps I will take my short comic mock ups to the copy store.  I am starting work on making the first chapters of No Evil and Unlikely Bedfellows print ready as well.  Soon I will have an entire table’s worth of comics for sale.

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