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What do you mean, you don’t know about Brisco County Jr.?

What do you mean, you don’t know about Brisco County Jr.? published on No Comments on What do you mean, you don’t know about Brisco County Jr.?

Okay, okay, so you did used to watch it religiously on Fox in 1994 like I did, but what have you done for the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. lately?   While you think about it, have some auditory nostalgia:

Calamityware dinner plate 7 by Don Moyer — Kickstarter

Calamityware dinner plate 7 by Don Moyer — Kickstarter published on No Comments on Calamityware dinner plate 7 by Don Moyer — Kickstarter

Calamityware has a kickstarter for Don Moyer’s newest design!  I am not sure if I have already talked about being a proud owner of a series one calamityware plate.  I couldn’t resist!  They are based on the old willow pattern china that has been sold for decades in all sorts of places.  I have a full set of the red willow and the only way that calamityware could be better than it is, is if it came out in red.  Seriously.

Justine Lai and the presidents

Justine Lai and the presidents published on No Comments on Justine Lai and the presidents

I was just wondering what happened to artist Justine Lai’s series on her paintings of the presidents.  She has moved on, as evidenced by her online gallery, but the i09 post on her work is a great sampling of of  her previous concentration.

How would our world today be different if one adventurous woman had traveled back in time and had glorious sex with every single US president? Time-traveling artist Justine Lai is about to find out.

Source: An Alternate Sexual History of the United States [NSFW]

Sock Dreams

Sock Dreams published on No Comments on Sock Dreams

Years ago, when I wore clogs and Birkenstocks under my slightly too long jeans, I loved socks.  I had them all, fuzzy, toe-socks, rainbow, argyle and chunky knits.  Then I changed my whole style; started wearing skirts instead of pants, and suddenly, my sock collection didn’t quite work.  I needed knee socks, or over the knee socks, or tights or fancy secret lingerie for my feet.  And I wasn’t going to find them.

I got lucky a couple of times in the sock section of mainstream retail stores, but soon, I couldn’t find anything that would cover my fat calves.  Partly because I’m a big girl and partly because I really enjoyed the calf rosie machine at my highschool, my calves are about 18.5 inches round the middle.  No store around here was going to help me rekindle my sock love and buying online was too risky, what with not being able to do any type of stretch test.  Enter Sock Dreams – Unique Comfy Colorful Sexy Socks.

I found Sock Dreams while searching for tights.  I figured there had to be a pair of tights out there that were more like footed leggings than sausage casings.  I mean, that’s what hosiery feels like to me when hopping into it in the morning:  sausage casings.  My search lead me to Sock Dreams where I not only found the closest thing to footed leggings I could imagine (Signature Cotton Tights by Foot Traffic), but also knee highs and over the knees that could accommodate my fat calves.

But selection isn’t what makes Sock Dreams so amazing.  Almost every pair of socks, stockings and tights on Sock Dreams has a descriptive blurb about how well the socks fit on a variety of models, how much they stretch and whether they stay up or no.  Sock Dreams  does the stretch test for you!  My first shopping trip was like wandering through wonderland, and my first delivery was fast, fitting, and perfect.  If you love socks, if you’ve never found the right sock, if you are skinny or curvy, Sock Dreams will have something you will love.  That is all.

Hog Island Press, Philadelphia

Hog Island Press, Philadelphia published on No Comments on Hog Island Press, Philadelphia

I was just going through my RSS reader and saw this blogged at BoingBoing:   A Monsters in America map/poster by Hog Island Press, Philadelphia.  I know someone who needs this.  I might even know two people, me being one of them.  Yes.

What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books? | Compound Interest

What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books? | Compound Interest published on No Comments on What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books? | Compound Interest

What Causes the Smell of New & Old Books? | Compound Interest is a concise info graphic about the volatile organic compounds that make old and new books smell the way they do.

I still think this is an unexplored marketing angle, especially in a world where print book publishers are terrified that print book consumption is on the decrease.  The food and make-up industries, among others, already use scent to make their products more appealing.  Why not engineer books, through specialized paper and ink, with specific smells designed to attract buyers?

Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again

Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again published on 1 Comment on Etsy-Indie Comics Haul again


Okay, there are a couple in there that are not from Etsy, but Etsy is an excellent place to find excellent indie comics.  And find I did…

As You Were, an anthology comic available through Silver Sprocket

Best Day Ever by Sammy Borras

Bunny Behavior and Tigris & Vulpes by Lindsey Green

Minutiae by Aijung Kim

Monster Heart mini comic from Brogan Coral Kingsley

Poor Mick from Kat Martin‘s Etsy shop

Werebears and Only Children Minicomic from the Werebears shop of Jennifer Barrett

Whisper Grass a side comic of the Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver

Witchling by Renee Nault

Wine review

Wine review published on No Comments on Wine review have been enjoying a tour of wine maker’s blends, and I can occasionally be talked into a purchase because of a catchy name and interesting description.  This is how I ended up opening a bottle of Dead Bolt red winemaker’s blend.

I like a strong flavored wine.  In fact, I like strong and challenging flavors in many things, and this part of me was delighted to be drinking Dead Bolt.  I am also pretty indiscriminate when it comes to wine varieties.  I notice flavors in the wines I drink but few ever stick out enough for me to remember a brand or why I wanted to get it again.  My consumption of wine is based on geographic availability and pricing, mostly.

Dead Bolt will not suffer from my poor wine memory.  I will forever remember the wine that tasted like liquified summer sausage with a hint of pepperoni.  The taste was so convincingly meat and spicy that I fancied I’d develop heartburn.  Though impressive, Dead Bolt, for me, will not be an all the time kind of wine.

Amazing comic: OUT OF SKIN

Amazing comic: OUT OF SKIN published on No Comments on Amazing comic: OUT OF SKIN

OUT OF SKIN by Emily Carroll is a beautiful and haunting online comic.  Go see it please and check out the many more comics on her site.

Surviving Whole Foods | Kelly MacLean

Surviving Whole Foods | Kelly MacLean published on No Comments on Surviving Whole Foods | Kelly MacLean

Surviving Whole Foods | Kelly MacLean = hilarious article.

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend published on No Comments on My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

I’ve talked about how I like Daguerreotypes before, so of course My Daguerreotype Boyfriend would be much beloved by me if only to gaze at the marvel of historical science.  If you like looking at portraiture of people you don’t know, or you, like me, love a good gander at Daguerreotypes then you should also check out My Daguerreotype Boyfriend.

Cyberoptix TieLab

Cyberoptix TieLab published on No Comments on Cyberoptix TieLab

Cyberoptix TieLab: hand silkscreened TIES THAT DON’T SUCK! for soldiers, spies, military enthusiasts, gun lovers, plane spotters, street fighters, war historians and possibly banditos. And barbers..

I found these ties while I was searching for a straight razor tie tack for Richard.  Instead, I got him a straight razor tie.  The ties at Cyberoptix TieLab are gorgeous and truly do not suck, as they say.

Self realization: entertainment

Self realization: entertainment published on No Comments on Self realization: entertainment

Do you ever catch yourself doing the same thing over and over again and realize that this thing is a weird ass thing you are doing?  I mean, out of character?  I noticed just such a thing last weekend.  Whenever I am left alone with no preplanned entertainment programming I do what most American couch potatoes do and surf the cable guide for something to watch.  I found that I cannot pass a program on extreme RVs without stopping.  Unlike other shows, even the beloved bath/kitchen/yard/room crashers, Golden Girls and NCIS, there is never anything that encourages me to change the channel away from an extreme RV special.  There is even a good chance that I will pick an extreme RV show over another TV favorite.

I never want an RV.  I cannot picture any lifestyle change that might happen to me to change my mind about wanting an RV.  I find most RV designs on these shows overly extravagant and wrought with wasted space.  Can I pass the shows up?  No.

Murder She Wrote top 5 (so far)

Murder She Wrote top 5 (so far) published on 5 Comments on Murder She Wrote top 5 (so far)

MSWAll right, after my first ruminations on Murder She Wrote,  Brad challenged me to pick my top 5 episodes.  It was hard, and maybe not completely accurate because I’ve only finished 7.5 of 12 seasons, but here we go!

  1. “If It’s Thursday, It Must Be Beverly:”  wherein the Sheriff’s deputy services a different Cabot Cove female everyday of the week, and records it in the log book.
  2. “Sticks & Stones:”  including the talents of John Astin (as in Gomez Addams) as the new town Sheriff, and a bunch of gossipy letters.
  3. “Who Killed J.B. Fletcher:”  wherein a bunch of looney Fletcher Fan’s goad and gaggle Jessica through solving a case.
  4. “The Sins of Castle Cove:” which is also awesome because it exposes the Cabot Cove residents as oversexed and underhanded yet somehow adorable persons.  (see “If It’s Thursday….”)
  5. “Mr. Penroy’s Vacation:” which I liked immediately because of the plot and character references to Arsenic and Old Lace.

Another episode I liked for it’s familiar plot line was “Jessica Behind Bars” in which she has to solve a murder in a locked-down women’s prison before riot and police enforcement collided.  Though it didn’t so much harken back to something else I’d seen so much as establish that Jessica did it first.

Also a runner up was “Trouble in Eden” because of the shock and hilarity of sending Jessica as the hereditary replacement of the madame of a brothel.   See, if I have runners up, I still only picked a top five!

A couple worst of the worst:

  1. “Sing a Song of Murder:”  because no, no Jessica!  a red headed identical twin Irish cousin!?!
  2. “No Laughing Matter:”  aptly named.  Oh, Buddy Hackett…why?

Comic book heroes

Comic book heroes published on No Comments on Comic book heroes


Richard of DoomedMoviethon and I have been watching a lot of DC animated movies.  Not so much Marvel – I think they’re better at live action (though maybe we haven’t found the right one).  These activities reawakened in me the desire for an illustrated character manual…lo and behold my purchase.

Sigh.  I suppose I didn’t expect competing comic companies to release an exhaustive compendium together, and I am still missing the cadre of Image characters, but this will have to do.  (…actually it does really well and I’m crazy excited and won’t let these books wander far from the coffee table).

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