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Some thoughts on Murder She Wrote

Some thoughts on Murder She Wrote published on 1 Comment on Some thoughts on Murder She Wrote

Yup, that’s right.  It has been my go to background show for all things packing and unpacking and now I’ve just become addicted to it.

NCIS-ers, remember when Timmy got sent to that women’s prison and then trapped in a riot where the only way to keep the peace is for him to solve the murder before the authorities busted everything up?  Jessica did it first – with Adrienne Barbeau, no less!  So maybe, Jessica solved an Amish murder after Harrison Ford, but she did it before Neve Campbell!  She’s uncovered toxic waste, helped Russians defect, gone to the circus, stood in as the madame of a brothel, run afoul of MI6, foiled a voodoo curseteamed up with Magnum P.I. and she even has a look-a-like Irish twin! 

If it’s a murder mystery or a slasher movie plot, Jessica has done it:  murders at a snowed in ski lodge, anyone?  Hauntings by an executed witch?  And, I’m only up to season 7; there are 12 of these duders!  I wonder why I hadn’t been paying attention when Mom and I used to watch Murder She Wrote every week.  I am waiting for aliens, ’cause they’ve just got to be coming.


Shoes! published on No Comments on Shoes!


Yo!  I just bought these shoes: Aravon Women’s Maura T-Strap Pump,Black,10 D US: Shoes.

And I have to tell you all the reasons they are so awesome.  1.) I always wanted t-strap shoes.  There is an old-time class about them without being crazy stuffy (like patent leather).  However, the make of most t-strap shoes and the make of my feet never got along.  You see, I have a size 10, maybe 10.5 foot that was born flat (of all the things flat feet means, for me the most annoying is width) and I have gotten used to shopping size 11 because all shoe stores carry whole sizes in medium/narrow width.  Sizing up doesn’t help with certain shoe designs, like a t-strap.  But THESE SHOES come in wide and half sizes.  With the ultimate comfort of leather molding to the foot as it warms and a great insole: these are comfy!

2.) I was already captured by the construction and size options while ‘window’ shopping.  I figured I’d save up for the ~$120 purchase (~ for inaccurate memory).  A week ago, I was going over my saved shopping list and saw that they had been repriced at ~$36.  Holy Cannoli, Batman!  I must have those shoes.

3.) Even though I was relatively hopeful because of the sizing and construction (boxy toe for my Birkenstock feet), I have only had few and bad experiences buying shoes online.  But they came and they are the awesomest of awesome.  I wore them all yesterday with only a couple tiny spots on my feet that will need breaking in.

I am now greedy and spoiled.  I need to replace my brown shoes as well with something equally as awesome…and, I am having no luck.  Truly amazing shoes are, after all, few and far between.

Klockwerks by Roger Wood

Klockwerks by Roger Wood published on No Comments on Klockwerks by Roger Wood

Current Inventory - Klockwerks by Roger Wood Current Inventory - Klockwerks by Roger Wood Current Inventory - Klockwerks by Roger Wood

The regulator in our living room is stopped right now.  The wall across from the TV was not a good place for a chiming clock in the apartment of movie watchers.  But gee have I loved time pieces.  And I have fallen in love with Klockwerks by Roger Wood.  I mean, look at them.  Aren’t they beautiful?

The Cartoon Crier

The Cartoon Crier published on No Comments on The Cartoon Crier

The Cartoon Crier, shared on ISSU, is a gorgeous comic magazine and far far from any semblance of a funny paper:

“Sorrow and woe is the focus of this free 36-page newspaper tabloid that highlights the work of The National Cartoonists Society members and of The Center for Cartoon Studies’ community.”


Usavich published on No Comments on Usavich

Another from the GReader starred list.  Usavich is a Russian cartoon about rabbits and?  I really don’t know.  But it’s hilarious and not focused on language, so completely understandable.

Usavich [Season 1] – YouTube.

Webcomic findings

Webcomic findings published on No Comments on Webcomic findings

‘Cause as many as I’ve found already is never enough.

Hemlock –  on smackjeeves.  beautiful, bold black and white style.

Curio  – a dreamworld.  completely amazing and terrifying in the way that really beautiful fish at the bottom of the ocean are terrifying.  great color work.

Prague Race – beautiful pencil work, or what looks like pencil work.  Can you ever tell now a days?  crazy detail backgrounds and environments.  completely enviable world construction.

saint for rent –  glorious, moving pictures.  no really, it’s “semi-animated”  and sehr sehr gut.  about an inn for time travelers.

Judecca – murky colored fantasy world.  grim, and beautiful in the insidious way that makes you attached to a character after a couple pages.

Ava’s Demon – glorious, glowing color.  I really like the one cell at a time delivery, it makes paging through the story like a reading a book.  it also makes waiting for the next bit really really difficult.

nimona – is hilarious and with unique styling.  Hilarious!

water –  great big hook of a beginning and wonderfully executed brushy style.

shambles – not really sure where it’s going yet, but it is beautifully done.  I always admire people who can wield color so well.

Spera – an enormous collaborative comic with artists from all over.


Ode to Shampoo

Ode to Shampoo published on No Comments on Ode to Shampoo

my husband and friends have heard my diatribe during my long and clumsy search of a new shampoo.  you see, I used to use herbal essences and then it changed formulas and everything had cocoa butter.  I mourned the loss of the herby tea like scents and grumbled over having to seek something else in the fruity cocoa buttery world of shampoo.  I don’t like the smell of the buttery.  anyway, long story kind of shorter, when I was in the drug store the other day I found this.  I didn’t know if it was back-stock found in a box somewhere or if the wonderful tea smelly herbaceous wonderment of hair care is coming back from the breach, but I bought it and will indulge my sense nostalgia to its fullest just the same.

lo and behold, when I got home I saw a commercial reminiscent of the original hair washing on the plane commercial from way back when.  Herbal Essences has heard my plea and this was no back-stock.  yes!

Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks | Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks | Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong published on No Comments on Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks | Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Okay, I was crazy excited about  Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong when there was only page one.  Then, apparently I got distracted (and did not subscribe to the rss feed) and forgot to read it.  What a dunce am I?  Anyway, Faith Erin Hicks is still the bomb and in combination with Prudence Shen is making another fabulous comic!  Fabulous!

Stupid Snake – Wordless Graphic Novel

Stupid Snake – Wordless Graphic Novel published on No Comments on Stupid Snake – Wordless Graphic Novel

It looked interesting and after clicking through a few pages I started from the beginning and then I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t stop watching Stupid Snake – Wordless Graphic Novel.  It is a lovely web comic.

Who is cooking? Bear is cooking! How can that be?

Who is cooking? Bear is cooking! How can that be? published on 1 Comment on Who is cooking? Bear is cooking! How can that be?

I am back in the kitchen again.  Should it feel so good to cook?

I am not sure whether this looks as bubbly and fabulous as it was, but here ’tis.  Turkey patty and pearled couscous on a bed of baby watercress with goat cheese crumbles.  I made the couscous with a bit of lemon and black pepper.  Whole thing was sehr gut.

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